Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oopsy Daisy & Halle Berry ....

Who says Christmas has to be about red. I am loving these colors.
It could work.

I LOVE this picture!!!
You have to go to the "Oopsy Daisy Baby" web site because I can not seem to get the picture that size on my blog. I Love this photo shoot.WOW!
Everything she does is amazing! Go see for yourself. Be Inspired but please remember everyone, BE ORIGINAL. One thing I would hate is for others to see these fabulous pictures and steal their ideas, look, style, photo shoots etc... That is not good & it happens every single day. Hopefully no one coming here. please :)
Be Original... stand out. Do your own thing & be known for it. You'll have a better chance at succeeding if you are true to yourself.
(that is for all the creative people who shop around sites for ideas to steal, you know who you are.Sorry but if you could just realize you have a mind, use it... you just might surprise yourself w/ a little work. Sorry but it has been vicious out there with all the copycats. jeeze!)

I Love the color coco. So sweet & soft. I LOVE these pictures of Halle Berry & her little girl Nahla Aubry. I am not sure who made these tutu's but I love them. If you know let me know.

Look at that little ruffle butt. Love it. I could dress my little ones in these all day. So cute & playful. With the Holidays here and family around, this would be a great time to get a little tutu and start taking pictures with everyone.
A cute way to have little ones running around all the relatives & friends visiting.
If not right before the Holidays... right after you might find some great deals so start looking if you can't get one delivered before Christmas. ~ Just an idea. ;)

A party time & always time to wear a tutu when your little.
All year around.

click on the pictures for links. * LOVE Halle's sandles. cute outfit. That's how to match your little ones.

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