Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas You Fabulous Friends!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I miss you all...

It's been super crazy here. SO I figured PINK was befitting for a little Crazy Pink Christmas.

Circus theme. (no real circus for me anymore thank you.) :(

Her little outfit. I want it. WHY? who knows. prance around in it all day long when its all said & done! Yep. yea right. I am sooo kidding ... kinda ; )

Freedom & free spirit.

or hang in my studio to just look at ; )

whatever. : ) (it's late Again)

So with all the fabulous Christmas pictures and sweet sentiments.... I had to go with this one to add variety.
We need that ~ & It's fun.

I'm having a tough time too, getting into the holiday spirit with everything going on.... but I'm trying for my babies! Love them so much!

I LOVE them.

They deserve the best!

My girls are awesome.

They helped me so much with shopping and WRAPPING!

I miss my little girls being babies
but it is so wonderful to have a daughter
whom has her own car & helps out & 
just give her money and she knows how to spend it & get the job done.


If it was up to them, we would have an all Pink Juicy Couture Christmas. Girly Pink.

Just kinda hate that I have a daughter that is "grown up" all ready :(

These were from a little photo shoot she did for her music. She's a great girl. Creative like me.
These were all in fun. I Love her. She is awesome & real. She is also the best BIG sister my girls could ask for. I am truly blessed.

So we're having a little Pink Christmas yet still traditional and all about family.
We're trying to get through this.

I hope your all able to enjoy it & be safe, warm, happy, healthy and Wonderful.

Anyways... Thank You everyone whom stops by to read & check in.

Thank You.

It really means the world to me.

Enjoy the Season & all it has to offer.

Be Inspired.

Do not forget Life goes too fast. You can't get yesterday back.

Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the little things.

Enjoy the sounds, smells, laughter.

Enjoy it all.

IF you are alone.... Treat yourself. However you can. Even if it is getting a movie & laughing all night. (find something funny to make you laugh & smile)

Get your favorite food.

candles for yummy smells and your own deserved ambiance.

You do not need anyone if that is how it has to be... So enjoy YOU.

Your day to treat yourself.

You know more and can make it better.

YOU & only YOU have that power.

DO what YOU want & enjoy what YOU have to offer.

YOU do have more than YOU know....

DREAM, Be Inspired, take your time & find it.


Tomorrow is always better.


Pink. House full of girls.... You'll find it here.

Here is just a few things we like.
ALL price ranges too. YOU can look like a million bucks if you know how to shop.


Shell said...

Wishing you and your lovely daughters, a Merry Christmas.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Merry Christmas Shell!!!
I Wish you a Wonderful,Happy, Healthy, Safe & best New Year ever!
Thank You so much for being a great person & friend to me.
Joelle XOXO

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