Friday, November 20, 2009

Abby's Tutu Factory...

I absolutely LOVE these photograph's. Sweet & charming. The colors are perfect.
I am working on some picture frames from inspiration I got from these lovely creations.
Take a look at her web site. Lots of pictures & links. I am sure you will find something for someone special you know. Please support moms in business trying to do what they love & pay the bills all the while raising thier families. It means a lot to me ~ To moms & their children ~ To all of us. Thank You again so much for looking.
I hope to get things online soon. I NEED so desperately to make money.... YOU have no idea.
If You have ideas... please let me know. I am hoping to move to Atlanta as soon as I can. Seriously... before my daughter has to register for more classes. She can transfer to ATLANTA but I need to get busy!!!
OH!!!! I have some CRAZY Wild projects that could be happening with me & my 5 girls. Stay tuned. You will never believe this!!!! Until then XOXOXOXOXOXO
Wish me luck! XOXOXO
Abby's Tutu Factory:


icandy... said...

So happy to see you at work again! I miss you, chickie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joelle,

Glad to hear you are ready to create because I am ready to buy!

Please let me know what you will have available and when.......

Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing your exciting news.


Baton Rouge

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