Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pretty Inspiration

The details in this dress are amazing! WOW! so fun & girly. Magical. I am going to Try to sew one day. The ideas in my head are making me spin. For now I stick to my glue gun.
As I sit & type this I only see part of the dress & it looks like a lamp shade. FUN.
Look closely at everything. Colors. Trims. layers & FLUFF. Add ric rac, gingham, Tulle, organza, mixed patterns but complementary colors. Just pretty things you like. Cut out birds, bunnies, dogs or whatever & add trims to them & add to your projects. Play with things. Try it. gather, pinch, tuck & sew away if you can or Glue. (as long as it is for you & it is safe) haha
You would be surprised what you could do. Trims and findings etc... can cover up sewing mistakes or whatever you had to do to make it work. Dream Away.

Try layers of Tulle, organza, netting etc ...... layers & fluff add Girly Posh to Windows ~ simple sew or that no sew tape & add some ribbons to hang to rod or get creative with how you hang them & tie back or drape with extra large silk ribbons. Add layers to One of a kind dust ruffles, Ruffles around pre made pillows. ~ Trims on your sheets, maybe just the top of your sheet adding pleated ruffles of tulle or something Lacey & girly. add a little trim to hide where you sewn the two pieces together. LAYERS. tiny velvet trims, pearls, bits of jewels, lil buttons... just dream & get creative. Do Not settle for what is out there. Do it yourself or ask. If you dream it ~ YOU can do it. It's fun. Try it. I did. YOU & your loved ones deserve something special.

Look at this Photograph. So pretty. Not your typical little girls art work but it is PINK. Pretty. Bold & unique for something original. Try a Black frame to be bold. Or paint one to match or a decorative gold. Or just under Plexiglass. Ask the photographer for ideas. Be different. Look at these Fabulous prints. I got carried away looking at all her work. I Love it all!!!

The Ideas for these sweet prints are endless. Alone. Together.... Just so sweet & charming.

Again, not your typical baby & child art work but again.... That's why I love it. Think what you could do with these prints. Change your room a bit with a few things.

Start fresh. A few good prints. Great fabric for creative window treatments(like I said.... No sew tape & hot glue works if you can Not afford to buy custom or sew yourself. It can work Trust me. One of the best in the business has used hot glue on trims for her sons room. seriously. She makes 20 ft. ballroom silk curtains for clients Homes who are big oil people & they want the best. however at home... sometimes we do what we gota do. or have time for. Plus... saves time & money to do it all over again! ; ) Art work, fabric, cute lamp & Posh mirror & a few little extras...oh... & maybe repaint your furniture & add new knobs ~ You could really change your room completely for not a lot of money but just extra time. Think about. YOU all deserve it. Time to have a friend come over and make it a decorating party. Just dream a little.

CUTE! I love these little balls of fluff. Pretty & girly. Simple & inexpensive. Find everywhere,Target & Wall Mart too. What a fun & whimsical way to add fun youthful play fullness to little ones or even teens rooms. hang from ceiling. All over or just in a corner with maybe little white light behind them for nigh time fun. Or add lots of lace & tulle from window & add these in front for a Fanciful window treatment. These little balls could be hung by tiny pins directly from ceiling but the lace & tulle is hung on rod but covered by these balls of happiness. Just add layers & Fun. Dream.
Sweet. Cute. Lovely for little girls & mommy. Add these to your lamp shades, pillows, curtains etc... Ideas are endless when you find something pretty you like. You do not have to use it for hair pins. Get creative. Think & do.
Sweet. So many idea too for this lovely piece. & materials used or could be used are wonderful.
This is one if the most angelic girls ever. Simply Beautiful & charming, just like her mommies designs. Check her shop out & say hi.
This Wedding ring pillow is Beautiful. Elegant and yet simple. Pretty. Love the colors and Love all her designs. You must go check her shop out & profile. Amazing ideas and creative must haves for a perfect wedding. This is pretty enough to be used in little ones room for tooth fairy pillow ~ Just to keep nestled on the bed to be admired. Set on bed side table for decoration & that tooth fairy too. : ) Also layered w/ more pillows on a bench or dresser... Dream Away.

Dream With Your Eyes Wide Open..... Have fun & enjoy the little things together.

Miss you all & hope to be back soon. I know I said that before but a lot going on.

Wish me luck & we could use prayers & whatever happy thoughts.... Stress kills and my girls need their mommy happy.

One day hopefully I can say more.

Thank you ALL again.

Kisses & Hugs!!!!

Joelle XOXOX


Anonymous said...

HI Joelle!

Glad to see you are back and posting such pretty inspirational pics......yeah!

WTH is the deal with the first poster--stalker, crazy??????

Anyway---chin up and have a great day,

Baton Rouge

Shell said...

I love all these pretty pictures here. The little girl with her pink hair and flowered dress is fab.
Good to see you posting more. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and focus on what's good.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Dear Shell.... You sweet thing!

LOVE your pic.~
Gorgeous smile beautiful one!!!
YOU radiate kindness & genuine spirit. (& I say that & have no clue aboue that spiritual stuff) ; ) even though I so wish I did. but one can tell.

Also I PROMISE to be by soon.
I owe you so much.


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