Friday, July 3, 2009

La Bonne Vie...

La Bonne Vie.....

The Good Life.... Enjoying Life to the fullest. Loving everyday. Your day. Any day. Just living and loving it. Appreciating everything around you. Never taking anything for granted. Appreciating it all. The good the bad & the indifferent. For everything that it brings to you. For what you learn from life and what you do with it.
**** Remember to click on pictures to see if they have a larger view. I know many didn't even know you could do that. I click on many pictures. Sometimes they lead you to more goodies... Teaching our children, the little ones around you. Family & friends.... teaching them to appreciate what they have, strive to gain even more of what you love, to never settle. Go after, get what you want and know that you can do it.

By never settling, means to never give up on what you want out of life. Possessions, memories, world travels, cultures, education, words, thoughts, smells and visions.

All good things that are what makes you who you are. Not what others define you as, but what is in your destiny, your path on this journey called life.

All the things that make your heart smile. Just make you tick & feel alive.

La Bonne Vie ~

In my creative journey, I am at the point in my life that I surround myself with my family. I have 5 little girls. They are my biggest inspiration.

Therefore.... I am creating baby & child designs. They are my inspiration and I love being able to dream of Fairy Tales. Little ones should be surrounded by sweet creative designs to let their imaginations sore and drift off to magical dream of sugar plum fairies and magical wonderment.

As my girls grow I suppose my designs will grow with them. I already have some more Vogue inspired art for teens in the works inspired from my fashion conscious fashinista's!

I suppose I should not call my oldest a little girl anymore. Yet she is my first born and will always be my baby.

Now how many get choked up, cry or lose train of thought when saying, muttering, whispering those words? Wow. I never thought it would come this soon. I am so very proud of her I can not even explain right now. I do not have the words that are good enough to explain what she means to me and who she really is. I'm stumbling right now as I try to type it.

I shall move on and regroup and try a bit later on... at what I will attempt to say to you my friends out there in blog land.

This little introduction into my little French Circus fairy design took a turn. La Bonne Vie ~ The Good Life. It made me think of all the things I love. Which made me start to ramble on about my children. That is ok... because they are what, who inspire me to create what I do.

It is a never ending journey for me. I love being able to be home with them and create as I am able to find time to do. I am very fortunate to have been able to do this for almost 19 years.

A lot has happened in those years. I can not look back and get upset and wonder how I could have changed things. Why did I let opportunities slip past me. What I can do & what I should do is be glad I have my children and that they are healthy, happy & safe.

I must move forward. For me and for my girls. I truly love them and they are the reasons I continue to move forward with what I believe in. I need to show them I never gave up.

Thank you sweet wonderful people for taking the time to read this. Thank you for leaving comments, emails for those of you not liking to be public (and that is ok with me) and thank you to those I may never know you even dropped by or followed me all along. Thank You.

I'm honored to have anyone take notice, mostly the ones I have never met. Thank you.

This is a picture of my first born and my youngest baby. I Love them so much.
They continuously take pictures of each other, and of themselves!!!! They now have the baby trying to take her own Always! She even gets the apple and she will try to do her own little show. I am not ready for this. If this is my last baby... I want to enjoy her being a baby and not learning so much! I am so not ready for this.
This picture here below is soooo wonderful you have no idea....
She is sitting on her princess little chair/fold out nap thingy...NAP? did I just say that???? We don't do naps in this family gosh DARN it! Lucky me to have hyper busy creative children like me! : O
anyways....Our sweet neighbors who have a little girl. Their only child. ~ (So they spoil her and my baby LOVES that!!) My baby absolutely adores her.... well they gave her this princess chair. and ALL her DORA Dora things she gets tired of. WOW!!! She makes my baby the happiest girl in the world!
She takes her special chair where ever I am. She has her little trays in diff. rooms to be able to do "HER CRAFT" right next to me.

Also...I am a "Nestor" I like people to be comfy. Of course I make sure my girls are happy & comfy but I even have a problem with making sure all their friends have enough pillows, blankets etc... I get annoying I'm sure. BUT never with my baby.
In this picture you can see She has TWO pillows on her already comfy chair. All set up right next to me. Even in the wee hours... She is just like me. I love my girls so much! WOW I am so lucky! anyways.... this picture of her in her little chair is my life right now. BABY always by my side....
Ohhh the wonderful things I find on the computer. I Love it. Not sure If I can get away with some pictures I would Love to put on. Some things are just sooo cute, they just aren't into mom doing it! ; )
This is my second baby girl! Love her. Biggest heart & sweetest thing ever. The two of them are inseparable... they do everything together.

Like now... they are at yet another concert....together. Poor boyfriends. you get both! haha maybe that's why they all like them. It like being the Kardashians... A crazy life! Loud & busy! ~ that's a whole other story. Oh my, you have no idea!!! (I have two more girls... you'll see later)
Ohhh by the way.... even though my daughter is going to be going to college... I am still young!!! & don't forget that! ; )

Bonne Nuit ~


* I know I said I will try to not write so much and bore you, but I did try and it is late and I'M too tired to edit and tidy it up a bit. I'll get there. right now... I have a lot to say and I'm trying to get out a bunch here & there and then MOVE ON.... promise XOXO

* I know this post has same pictures in it... but I was going to post this on my other blog I'm messing around with and decided to post it here too! : )


Joelle said...

HEY!...on the other blog im playing around with... the Pictures enlarged when you clicked on them???? Not sure why they don't here???
Oh.... I'll hopefully figure it out. : )

Shell said...

I love the pictures of you and of your girls. Have a fab weekend.

Joelle said...

awww Thank you!!!
I bet you thought that was me akissing my baby. nope. That's the oldest kissing her little sister.
It so wonderfl to have this baby. she is spoiled by ALL of us! she is 10 yrs. later. The other 4 are all 2 yrs. apart. so pretty close.same friends. & it also makes it crazy & competitive. but it's a good thing ; )
Enjoy yur weekedn too!
Joelle XOXO

Anonymous said...

HI Joelle,

Your girls are GORGEOUS and I LOVE that they share such a close very sweet and so important in today's world.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend--we are doing July 4th crafts...trying to stay cool!


Joelle said...

Hello Beautiful!
Thank you so much!
I love my girls. they are AWESOME, then next min. MANIACS!! haha crazy love.
I am proud though, they are good girls!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend together! Enjoy it!
Joelle XOXO

Angela Harris said...

Your artowrk is insanely pretty! you have such an eye for color combination s and the cake topper girl is so cute! You are so blessed to have these beautiful daughters!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank you Angela!!!
I am truely Blessed!
So wonderful to have met you!
Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration!!!
Enjoy your summer!
Joelle XOXOX

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