Friday, July 3, 2009

Palm Beach ~ my youngest baby

I LOVE Princess!!!
I just found this picture on my Flickr.
I haven't gone on it in so long because I lost access to it when my old email was deleted due to hacking etc..
I had a hard time getting my account straightend out.
I finally got it back!
So here is my 4 th daughter.
She is as sweet as she looks in this picture.
I miss her so much. She has been gone all week.Her baby sister misses her too.
When all her BUSY sisters forget about me ( you know how teens are driving & going places) haha
... She always makes sure im not forgotten. She is the sweetest thing ever.
I love you "princess"
I know you girls are reading this. Have fun, becareful & safe & call me!
nighty night
I Love You,

* I since then had another baby... but she still is my baby, always will be.


passion4pinkblog said...

Your daughter is adorable. I have 3 girls myself and sometimes i worry like crazy about them but I can always rely on them to call me when they are sick(like this evening LOL). I am just so lucky that they have grown to young independent women, just like I always wanted and I am so proud of them that I could bust some days.

Vitania said...

oh my - another beauty - she looks precious - i guess you can't really ever let go of calling her baby - even if she really isn't...:-)

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