Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A French Shabby Chic Circus...

Here is a little French Keepsake box with a sweet French Circus Fairy standing upon her whimsical party stage. Complete with vintage mica, 3 shabby balloons, old wire wings with a touch of mica for sparkle, a few painted & waxed flowers, tiny rhinestone, glass glitter, pink crepe paper, ric-rac, hand torn aged paper banner that reads " La Bonne Vie" ~ The Good Life.

All with the right touch of Old World Charm to bring your Precious one. A piece to dream up a story where this might have come from. A long ago ~ Once Upon A Time....special boutique where the royal families shop exclusively from ~ to bring treasures to their loved ones from far away places.
Now I'm not saying this is a "royal" piece with expensive materials... it is just back in those days... Only the privileged afforded such unique pieces that no one else could afford or find.These such pieces find there way to the flea markets and Estate sales all threw Europe. Carelessly found tucked away in attics with no one really knowing of the worth & stories that went with these forgotten pieces. Your a lucky one if you can get your hands on such treasures to bring back for all the stories to pass down.

At the bottom of the box is glass glitter with sparkle mixture ~ as to not come off on little hands. However, there is a bit of magic sparkling at the base to make it really special & unique. but not messy.
Right now I'm just playing around & putting it on my blog so I can see what it looks like. Not sure if I should add any thing else to it. I need to get another picture of the bottom so you can see what I mean about the glass glitter sugary detail. Just different. I Like to be different.

Imagination is such a wonderful thing. The stories to be told, the ideas to create.

Being a little one is such a wonderful time. It is also so wonderful to help create these little stories in children's imaginations & let their precious minds dream away to the land of wonderment and sugar kissed Fairy Tales.

This picture looks a little darker. It isn't as dark. Oh... and the Vintage Mica... its securely on there. It doesn't get all messy & it still has it flakey shimmery look, just not messy. I do a lot of playing around to make sure it can be picked up by little ones hands. I have many testers : )

Oh... and the little "circus Fairy" title.... Not sure why; but the sweet thing made me think of that. It's a bit different and don't you think a child deserves it. I do. It's a good thing.
ohhhh La Bonne Vie!


Anonymous said...

HI Joelle--

How sweet! I just adore your little boxes...so speical and a MUST HAVE for anyone!

I am going to email you about an idea I have for a vintage ballerina for my daughter's birthday--my mind is racing with sugary sweet details!

Sleep dreams,


Anonymous said...

oops, that should say SWEET dreams,lol!


icandy... said...

You have the most beautiful, inspirational blog!!! I'm a new follower, for sure!

Hugs xx

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