Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrity Designer Nurseries....

This is my Frog "Prince Charming" ....
He is made into a Fancifully decorative keepsake box. A place to hide little treasures all awhile displaying a fabulous Fairy Tale piece. In my case my studio.
It is a great thing to have original style. Creating fabulous pieces to make you smile.
The imagination is such a wonderful tool.

Not only do celebrities have designers creating fabulous nurseries but anyone can have the same Unique & custom nurseries/bedrooms. All by looking for one of a kind pieces made by Local artists or going online & finding creative pieces from designers on Etsy, Lollishops, Ebay, Thousand Markets, ect.. & any Handmade Indie artist all over the world.
Online shopping has come so far. It can be an easy & wonderful experience.

I believe in Fairy Tales.... My dreams. I believe in surrounding yourself in things that make you smile. I believe in making your child's nursery, bedroom ~ their safe haven.
A place to relax, dream, escape and be able to drift off into a magical land of wonderment. A creative journey to let their imaginations soar. Their own space.

also believe in showing your child your own style. What you as a parent love. I believe you can make your child happy and get the style that compliments your taste. There can be a common ground. Your child is never too young to learn. Why not start with style at a young age.
My precious baby is 2 and she always wants to read my decorating books and magazines. She is always moving her hands around as if to show me how she would decorate with certain things she finds that She likes. She knows my style & what I like. She also knows what she loves. She is yet a baby/child... but I can show her what I love and she can grow from there.
Talking, sharing, enjoying what you love together is never too early to start. Just having that dialect is warming your child's heart and making them feel like part of you. Enjoy being a parent.
It can be fun if you take the time. Dream away together.
The stool in this post is totally RECYCLED from vintage porch spindles & wood. Ok... the paint is new. but I had it laying around for awhile from previous projects.
Talk a little bit later about recycling. Recycling can be Posh too.
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XOXO


Anonymous said...

ooh my goodness, that prince charming is FABULOUS! My daughter is squealing with delight as we look at all these pretties. We ADORE your fanciful designs and look forward to having a piece (or pieces) for her bedroom!

she is making her b'day list......


Shell said...

Sharing what we love with our children is a great gift. You always have pretty and luminous things to share.

Linda Crispell said...

You have the coolest 2 year old!
I love the stool made from recycled materials.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

love love love prince charming!


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