Friday, June 26, 2009

Governor Sandford & my Husband...

I came across this picture today.
Should I or shouldn't I was the question. Should I post the Governor with my husband or should I not bring anymore attention to this ordeal.
A wife & their 4 sons are Victims in this
I am so sad & hurt for them all. It is not easy dealing with problems in your marriage. To have the world looking at you while dealing with it all has to be so upsetting & hurtful. I am so sorry. Why these things happen... I do not know. I do know that whatever is going on in a marriage.... no matter how bad. GIRLFRIENDS! ~ Stay the hell away until the situation is dealt with and finalized! Do not take part in some one's weakness, your not helping the situation and your not knowing where you really stand. THINK. Especially when children are involved.
I know this has to hurt them all.
What I do know( excuse me... what I thought I knew...and you know... we think we know people and BAM! in your face shocker every single day. dam I am so mad at today's pressures & how we do & do not deal with them all) anyways....about Gov. Sandford is that he
is a really nice man. A great member of the community and the Governor of the State of South Carolina. A man with a big heart and big plans.
Until all this happened, He was known to be a great family man.
I hope he can make this right. I hope Mrs. Sanford heals. & does whats best for her. I hope she has support. I pray she has support.
I did post this. This is reality. All to common anymore. What has happened to the sanctity of marriage? Have we all forgotten our Value's?
The Sanford's are in my prayers. All of them.
Actually, I pray for all of us. I pray life gets better all the way around the World.
Peace XO

*UPDATE  Pray for my family too. This post makes me sick! You have no idea. HATE YOU!


Linda Crispell said...

Was this taken in Argentina?

Joelle said...

Hello Linda...
Just enjoyed your little blog/video tour. So inspiring.

No this picture was taken here in South Carolina.
Im so upset with it all!
People give up way to easy anymore.
Such a shame.
I wish the best for those children.

Thanks for stopping by.
Joelle XO

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