Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Friends...snakes, hampsters, piglets.. oh my!

WOW! ok.... This is safe to watch. No harm what so ever.... I was afraid to watch the whole thing in case some wise guy made a bad, horrific ending to this sweet thing.

I was reading to my daughter one of those First Animal board books .... I decided to show her some of the animals online. We Looked up the peacock so she could see how the feathers Spread out...Beautiful. we looked at several videos. Toucan, draft horse (LOVE horses) love birds that cuddled, guinea pigs that squealed when she heard mommy making her lunch. cows, big ones & a farm that showed how they milk 1,000 daily. so fun. We looked at a few others & it is so wonderful to sit on lap and talk about these animals she See's in the books and then to see them live & talk about them. SO Fun!!! Then we came across this video.

I was a bit nervous to look just in case it became a BAD video... So I "peaked" at it while she ran off for a sec. I covered the video, turned off the sound & read the description and what others had to say to make sure It wasn't going to be bad.

Still not a great video. kinda creepy. However... Its sweet if you think about it.

Then I found another one & another... Ok I think It is time for me to get back to work. Oh first we're beading TINY little beads onto a tiny ribbon. WOW it is hard & she is determined. I need to find something else to put them on. SHE is determined for ME to do it as she hands me beads..... I might need to to start wearing glasses soon..... Ohhh being creative with lots of goodies around makes little ones want to do many projects at the wrong time. I have so much to do....

ohhh If a mom rejects her young... isn't it because she senses its ill? or something?

Also...Before you say anything about how Cruel it is and all the rest on zoo's & circus's being bad for animals.... I am an animal lover too. I want what is only best for the animals & not for peoples entertainment. No abuse or bad living conditions are good for anyone! Education is critical! For us all. I came about these video's by accident. I am hoping & praying the animals are all taken care of. I have a little secret of running away, trowing my hair in a ponytail, no more makeup and being an undercover animal cop (the ones that have to do the dirty work due to laws....
rescuing animals and not letting those crazy people EVER having ANY animals....EVER, even by breaking into their homes... I'll do it. I have a BIG time animal activist friend in LA. that is Huge & is even side by side in certain functions with Martin Sheen. So don't go there with me. I Love animals. I'm just sharing this about the Love animals can have for one another despite reputations.

Also... I forgot. One of my Animal activist friends ( I know... some are more extreme than others... like anywhere..) anyways... I'm not the biggest meat eater. Never have been. If I think about meat while eating it... I'm sooo grossed out. I have a very hard time washing chicken... I have to distract myself.. I really hate it. I wish I wasn't like that. Believe me... I Like a great steak or juicy hamburg once in awhile, but If I think about it... I ruin it and get grossed out... so I prefer my BLT's... Love them. Anyways.. One of my animal activist friends happens to be a popular Vegan model. She got me to "focus" and I forgot but I didn't eat meat my whole last pregnancy. Never really do. I didn't even crave it. only Hot peppers. ; ) soooo I love animals.

I rescue a lot & find homes, but I have to stop that & deal with my large family & huge rottweiler. We still have a yellow lab I rescued. long story.(remind me...wow!) He needs a home. Too much for me. It's me or him....anyways... sorry I get distracted talking about animals I guess. or just rambling on....again.

Remember... EDUCATION is important. Educate others about what you know... do not assume everyone knows the facts. Being Honest, sweet & sincere in teaching facts will get your point across more than " in Your Face!" spread what you know, but think first.

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