Tuesday, March 10, 2009

French Pears & egg with wings

Again, it is late. very late & dark for taking pictures sitting at my table not prepared, but Im just going with it and TRYING not to be a perectionist & show my mess & all....
These pairs sit next to me. Not in this little bowl of pearls but close to it.
My Happy Fairy sits on my desk looking at me & makes me smile. The girl next to her... I have had her for years. I like her smerk. Not sure what to do with her. Maybe someone will give me an idea. The Happy Fairy was in several collages I had made. She is also a collage magnet on my fridge. I like that little happy girl. Wonder who she is. Wonder if she knows I have her image?
Thank you dear sweet girl for making me smile!

This little mess is an egg with a crown & metal wings & gesso. just a sneak peak before I get going on it. Again... another Pear. I have them everywhere waiting to be made into something. I was on a Pear fix a few years ago. I bought lots & now I think I better do something with them.
Ideas area always welcome my wonderful friends... anyone feel free to give me ideas. I Love them all! ohh... thats a crown I was playing around with. I made it out of wire & paint & tons of pearls & glass glitter. can't really tell. but fun having crowns around to make me feel like a princess here in my little Wonderland of Fairy Tale art & such.
ohhh I do have an idea for this white pear... French. glass glitter...... ???? Time to dream.
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XOXO


Shell said...

The little girl looks like she has a secret to tell. Perhaps something to do with the pears and the crown..

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

ohhh you sweet thing. I can always count on your to brighten my day!
I believe she does need to be involved with a pear & crown. my mind is running wild with ideas.
Love it. Just wish I could do it NOW!
Sweet dreams my wonderful friend.
talk soon & be over to pick up my prize!!!!!! ; ) your way too kind!
Kisses & big huge (((HUGS)))
Joelle XOXO

Beth Quinn said...

hi Joelle !!! i am soo glad you found my blog !! thanks so much for your wonderful comment , it made my day !! i am soo glad i have found you too- and i love your lollishop and your wonderful art !! yummy !!!
take care and keep in touch ,

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