Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coco Chanel....

I had to share this with you all. I am so in Love with the French. The Language, accents, passion, fashion, art, wine, food, history.... I Love it all. I absolutely Love Coco Chanel. My grandmother has worn Chanel #5 forever... She still wears it.She also dreses like Chanel. With style & class.
I watched a movie about Chanel recently & cried. She Lived MY life I was to have... I always dreamed of designing clothes since I was very little. However my path changed as I begun my family. So as I create from home my little treasures I put a touch of French into each piece. Be it a thought, wish or words.... It is in there somewhere. Even by spirit. The French soul is in my heart and I can not help it. It feeds my soul and inspires me. As my girls get older and I get time.... hopefully I will be able to let it all come togetether and bring forth more French inspired treasures.
Pour le moment...
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XOXO

Audrey Tautou playes Coco Chanel.... Perfect! magnifique! Bravo!


Holly Loves Art said...

You have a great blog! I got your little note through our facebook connection so popped over to check it out. I'll definitely be back to look again!

Have a wonderful week.


Shell said...

The movie looks good. I saw the Lifetime movie on Coco which I enjoyed. I'm sure this one will go deeper. You know even when we think we get "sidetracked" with our dreams we don't. Just a little scenic trip to enrich out life dreams.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

can't wait for the movie! :)

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