Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It is not always such a pretty pretty World....

Sometimes You have to step it up a bit & put on the Game face

No matter how pretty
act a little more serious & Regroup.
I have to big time.
Like Big Time.
Scary Steps ahead, but

Hope someone out there is getting this
Will be there for me...

I will be putting some designs together for purchase soon on Esty.
I hope to see you there ;)

Any Boutiques interested in Wholesale & Custom Designs for exclusive Boutiques etc...
 PLEASE contact me here.
I will get to you via email  & phone.....once I know Your interested.



Matt Irwin & Victoria Secret


pinkandgirly said...

Hi Joelle!

My google account has been giving me so much trouble...I haven't been able to post a comment..up and running at the moment--so I am typing as fast as I can so I can post,lol.

I am so thrilled to hear that you will be listing again.....your new location must be providing lots of inspiration. Please keep me updated
on when your pretties will be on etsy, my girls NEED a few of your pieces! I LOVED those new boxes you were working on and hoped they would be available--soon.

I hope you and your girls are doing well and enjoying your summer. Ours has been busy, but fabulous. Getting ready to get even busier, as we start school on Aug 9.

I realize you are busy with the girls and trying to adjust to your new surroundings, but if you ever need a friend to chat with--I'm here and just an email away!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Big hugs,

Baton Rouge, LA

icandy... said...

hello beautiful!!!!
have i told you lately that i love you?
miss you, dear and hope that everything falls right into place for you!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...



I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
So much going on here.
enrolling 4 girls in school in a new state is crazy w/ everything else going on.

I am starting all over again with a preschooler. WOW ; )
lots going on.
wish you both were here to let you know about things but... I'll get there soon.

Being a mom is wonderful & I am so very greatful, however.... IT IS SOOOO HARD. raising 5 girls is challenging on so many levels.
You just do not realize it until your burnt out & dealing w/ so much & you take a step back & think "OH, my God... I have 5 ~ FIVE people I brought into this world & they are all mine and I have so much to do to raise them right & offer them what they need to be the best they can be. It gets scary when you stop to think about it all. AM I doing good enough, what can I do to mak it better? How can I make up for things that im not happy about / or let happen etc.... Every mother wants to do thier best but it is not easy for anyone IF your at least Trying to do it right. It is tough for even someone with 1 child. So much to do for us all just living this life & all that must be done.
I just have so much on my plate. Alot going on in all of our lives and I'm trying to please everyone & do it all & it is NOT easy. I never wanted to raise 5 children on my own, & I am not. I am still married. I am so very greatful & lucky that their daddy has made it possible for me be able to be a stay at home mom & do all I have done & now get us this home in Atlanta, but him always working, being away & living in another state most often, it is not what Iintended to do with a big family, but LIFE happens.
You do the best you can but sometimes it gets tough & lonely & it takes all you can find inside yourself to not crumble & give up, but it is a daily challenge. ALWAYS one thing or another to get in the way & throw me back once again.
& having children, you have to be careful what you say as to not hurt feelings so it is hard to let many know why I am where I am & Not where I should be.
I believe in me, because If I didn't.... I would have been long gone & away from the computer drama that has NOT ended at all.
* That alone is enough to make one crazy & sick.
funny I NEVER EVER had problems online ever until that computer programmer*geek*jerk*gamer*noseyneighber*givemygirlsacomputer*stayathomealldaylong*creep moved next to us. sorry, but seriously, its just all kinda strange & too much that happend makes it to creepy to wonder what really all went on & who could really being doing this all. 5 computers ruined. thats expensive. no more fixing, firewalls or whatever.... compter tech says I need all new hardrives etc....
yep, same old story. I am so over it!

whatever. one day at a time.

Hopefully I can get things online to sell & local boutiques & then worry about wholesale everywhere & anywhere. Its about time ; )

School starts this week.
will it slow down??? I hope so.

My daughter is about to sign w/ an amazing record producer.
I should be doing all I can to help her too.
She doesn't need my help, but you know it righ up my alley! ; )
That is another story.
Talk soon about it all.
just checking in & letting you know about all the crazyness.
sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I appreciate you all!

Joelle XOXO

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Hi Joelle,
I am giving your blog the lovely blog award for inspiring me! Come check it out.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

awwww AMY your the sweetest!
Thank You so much for being so kind to me & believing in me.
It means more than you know.
I am so behind once again with summer ending & all knew schools for my girls and still unpacking & so much to do in our new home.
I have so much to do & catch up with my online sites.
I deff. need to talk to you soon about a few things.

Thank YOU so much for giving me an award. I'll get to that real soon I promise.

Hope your enjoying the last days of summer & are getting inspired with the fall approaching.


Joelle XOXO

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