Monday, July 12, 2010

French Frills...

regency inspired coifs
whimsical colour palette
amidst Wonderland Couture

Haute Couture
Paris cat walks
runways around the World
pages in Vogue
video shoots
fashion blogs all around
These images could be years old
Hott Off the Press
these are images that my mind absorbs
tucks away
what takes my creative mind on the journey
 Once Upon A Time
to get Creative
I have always dreamed of
"Once Upon A Time"
Fairy Tales
Lands of enchantment......
I am not "blogging" about
 Haute Couture
Fairy Tales
because it is "in style" right now.
My mind has always created by using these images since I was a little girl.
Designers & photographers all DREAM
therefore you may see their visions of pure imagination
whatever decade it is.
Someone has always been dreaming away for us to enjoy it all.
Some of us drift off to those far away lands to dream 
then breath, relax, escape & create whatever comes to mind.
My imagination is what I am about.
I use it.
My mind see's
Easter parades of fanciful designs
details abound
Fairy Tale catwalks
What do YOU see?
layers & layers
John Galliano has an imagination & soul of pure genius...
His fairy tale like fashion shows 
always make ones mind wander to the
Land of Sweet Dreams
Once upon A time.

via: John Galliano  1 2


Caitlin said...

That makeup is exceptional! So amazing. Love this post!

Vitania said...

oh Thank you for sharing this Joelly - I LOVE LOVE Galliano - how inspiring are these images?

you are fabulous - it's been so long hope you are well..


Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank YOU so much Caitlin & Vie!!! ; )

It is all so amazing. Everything he does is fabulous!

Thank God for amazing photographers.
They capture these memories, visions & ideas.... & bring life to a single image.
So much from one picture.
Inspiration on so many diff. levels for all kids all across the world.

Love love love so many photographers & designers.

Miss You Miss Vie & your fabulous blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Joelle XOXO

Talking with Tami said...

wow all that color and talent,love! xoxo

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

"Inspiration on so many diff. levels for all kids all across the world."

* Ooops "kids"? I ment "kinds". or kids still works too I guess, haha sorry. Just reread this. silly me always up too late doing this.
Hope you know I make many mistakes late at night but It bothers me real bad when I find it out later. sorry. : )

Love every one of you that do read & also leave comments.


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