Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiffany Blue & Glamour Bliss....

Ohhh for Heaven's sake! I came across another Tiffany blue picture. I want that Purse.

I am not sure why right now but I smell leather. Expensive leather. If that purse is expensive, I want it. I can feel it.

However if it is cheap... the blue will be cheap looking too, I'm just sayin... : )

Iv'e just seen some pretty cheap blue that makes me sick. sorry.

ohhhh why I do this to myself. I have other things I should be doing right now but I have these yummy pictures & they happen to be along the same colors theme. The post I am doing regarding the Tiffany blue/teal ishhh type color inspiration was regarding children's rooms. Well some pictures that I have been holding onto for some time.

However my creative mind took me on a very inspiring journey. I love it all & had to share these pics. too.

OK... I Love them all. If I was to wear the dresses out for a classy evening, I would wear more simple basic heels. I like a really good black pump. However these Jimmy Choos above are classy & would work too.
The ones above are a bit more chunky & bold & it just depends on where you are going.
Or how old you are?

It really doesn't matter, I just had to share these from my fashion file.
That ring??? not sure where it came from. Not even sure if it was for me or my girls or who found it but It was with these pics. O well. fun.

Be Inspired.
This is not baby & child, I know. I'm working on moving all this "Fashion" related posts to another blog I started...(look for a button on the right soon)

That is where I can throw my drama & keep this blog for the Baby & Child decorating & designs posts ~ My fabulous finds from you all.

I know... really ~ no one has a clue what I do.

Guess what? I have no clue either anymore. So much I want to do. SO much I LOVE to do.

My daughters signing career is is kinda taking me in the FASHION direction which was my First Love. ~ I always thought since I was little I would own a "Little Black Dress" boutique... one day. However, I did open up a upscale baby boutique for a few years... babies too young & cost too much $.

So much going on, too much drama, not enough help & I'm just sad & lonely right now to focus. OK.. that sounded so sappy & pathetic but o well... LIFE!


It has been tough. (I still paint & create, it is just 1/2 finished. I get upset & sidetracked with the hacking/stalking & drama, my daughters projects & just move on)

I Hate that I LOVE very expensive things WAY too much! XOXO

Sweet Dreams everyone XOXO


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Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh so many goodies in this post, the purse, the shoes the ring...yes please.

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