Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Handsome Garrett & Posh Mariah....

I found yet another Haute Picture of the Gorgeous Man in my dreams Garrett Neff. Its only a dream... My Haute Couture Dreams & I am only kidding. However, as I was going through some things & came across this picture. WOW. Made me think of school & how fast summer has gone & so much school shopping to do. Yes... This is how my mind works. Not all of you reading this might of first thought "school shopping" while looking at this, but then again, your reading my blog ~ You just may well have thought that too.

Ok... while I am at it, here is one more stunning picture of this gorgeous dapper guy, ohhhh I so had to use that word dapper. How often do you use that one? Not often if ever. So tonight was my time.

Well since I am dreaming a bit and wishing for some yummy things... Why not share this with you all too while I am at it. This is what I WISH and DREAM of. I want Mariah Carey's Shoe closet. THIS is my style. This is what I wish for. One of my many WISHES but How fabulously Posh is it? WHITE, Gold, Fresh, crisp, clean & Posh! So me. I WISH my whole house was like this. Maybe If I keep saying it & dreaming of it... one day It may come true??? : ) This is an Old picture but It is always Fresh in my mind.

In the middle of all this dreaming and creating and being asked so many different questions regarding decorating & style & everything Baby & child... This is crazy but I think I need to have 3 blogs. Maybe I will be able to focus actually. I like order and I am so out of order it is driving me crazy. This blog is Fashion INSPIRED & ideas.

I really need one to be Focused on BABY & CHILD & all MY designs & all the designs of My Fabulous finds of baby & child from other creative designers. Then maybe a 3rd blog to throw in my projects & in the works & a bit of crazy place to throw ideas & links when I'm asked questions about decorating & such. Point them there instead of crazy emails & finding pics. & wondering where to send them. Ohhhhhhhhhh MY MIND is full of ideas. Wish I had help. Sounds like a lot, but maybe it would be easier to focus & clean things up a bit? I don't know... ideas come & go. we'll see. Let me know your thoughts or if you have more than on blog is it too much? It is late AGAIN.... & I'm just letting the ideas out.

Ohhh I had to add this pic. too of Mariah's home. THOSE curtains minus the swag... I was going to use those in one of my daughters room. Pink & white striped silk. I LOVE them.I wanted them to puddle on the floor & use as accent to POP with the stripes,& use a sheer organza or chiffon type material behind & sew something fun; & then minty sage blend... kinda walls??? & black accents, oh of course gold too. Have to add the BLACK to get away with my Posh when you have TEENS.
I have been looking at these curtains in diff. colors for years for myself. You all probably know of them too. I'm getting some for my living room & trying to figure out color. Champagne, gold, coco or ..... not sure, but I am doing something soon. For me. I am also doing a bedroom makeover & of course I will be getting similar Silk curtains too. Yummy ideas. French, sexy, Posh, glamorous & Italian??? There I go again.... dreaming away. Time to go to bed.

These are two samples I have had for awhile. The colors could go in my living room or my bedroom. Either color & style would work.One day I will get there. Soon.
I tend to go for these colors in anything I do. I am classic.Traditional. Classy. French & Italian. Complicated. My style & Myself. So funny & so true. But I like it that way! ~ Ciao! XOXO

Well you fabulous, creative & stylish friends... I'm painting, dreaming & designing away for a few people and hopefully soon get JOELLE DOLCE BEBE STYLE moving forward so I can get my own Posh things with My own money!!$$$ SO I am off to work. Needed a little bit of a break and let you know... I am working on things for some Fabulous People. Dream away & Be Inspired. ~ Joelle XOXO
Soon. Real Soon.


Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Oh how I wish I lived in your world of Haute Couture!


Whoo, what eye candy! He's got a lot of that James Bond style going your've got some amazing eye candy here! :) What a world to live in! lol...

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Hello Girls, Yes He is some FAB eye candy! He does have that James Bond thing going on too... funny, I have a thing for men in suits Like Mr. Bond! ; )

You CAN surround yourself in Haute Couture style.You can do it yourself.If you can spend big bucks you can get anything. If you can not spend $$$ then You just need to get creative. ~ Sometimes MORE creative style comes through when you have to Think about it.
You could be surprised by what you have already & what you could do with it all.

maybe not right now, but one day.. start fresh & get rid of everything in a room. Paint is cheap But HUGE impact for a redo!

sometimes just a few pieces painted POSH & new hardware, & some silk taffetta curtains & SHOW PIECE objects to hang the fabric on can turn your little room into HAUTE COUTURE style.
Gosh.... those curtains above aren't even that expensive as some I found. However Target & even wallmart now carry ready to hang curtains with the same look & feel. You can go to fabric stores & get some on sale & do it yourself. & onine WOW! sooo many discount fabric stores & even from INDIA with fantastic prices & variety.SO much to chose from.
Start with one room at a time. Doesn't take alot if you really think & get creative.
Paint things you already have. move things around from diff. rooms.
You can surround yourself in Haute Couture if you can dream & get creative.

Joelle, XOXO

ps.... Maybe you just like to dream about it and enjoy it elsewhere & like the way your home is already. Thats great! : ) however.... you know me, Im just throwing ideas out there for those whom peak in & keep quiet.
My Mind creates & dreams & im just sharing some ideas.
Who knows what ideas you might get from all this. Maybe something totally diff. but It made you think. Thats fun! XOXOXO

Rose said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog :) nope i dont know delly doolittle, perhaps i will have to visit her blog! Gosh, im curious why didnt you want to eat meat during your pregnancy? I am worried about not eating meat/dairy when i am ready to have a bub :)
It was lovely to visit your blog also. Im so jelous of Mariah's shoe collection too, or rather her shoe storage. I have so many shoes, my cupboard is somewhat overflowing! And that pink chair in the picture and chandelier are just amazing, we can only dream cant we :)


Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Hi Rose,
Thanks for stopping by.
Actually I don't think Delly has a blog, maybe she does??? but she has a MYSPACE page where she promotes her vegan ways & save the animals etc...
I have never been a big meat eater. If I think about what I am actually eating... I get really sick & it ruins the Great steak or burger I was drooling over ~ going to eat. I have been like that even when little. I just thought like that and had no clue about being vegetarian etc...
However,talking alot to Delly around the time I became pregnant, I just really Lost the desire to eat meat. I got my protein from other sources. I made sure of it. I at alot of yougurt too. I didn't become "VEGAN" I just didn't eat meat. I got freaky with the thought of what my MEAT really was. weird, I know.. but it freaks me out. I have a hard time also when washing any met I prepare for family. I literly got so grossed out I had to call my mom while preparing chicken! What a goof I was but I had visions & in the baby mode I felt like I was touching something other than chicken.I know sick, but my mind gets carried away I guess. I hate when I ruin a really good dinner w/ those thoughts. I try to block them out but My mind is strong! ; )
I have a daughter that thinks like me too, poor thing ; ) haha its not easy.
anyways.... I keep my thoughts to myself & my family & others can make their own decisions.
Im just trying to eat healthy. not easy for me yet.
O well.... hope I didn't gross anyone out. sorry If I did.

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back for some yummy recipes/ideas from you.
Joelle XOXO

Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Lovely blog Joelle. I have been a vegetarian since age 5. I could never be any other way. I didn't raise my children vegetarians. I let them make their own decision on the subject.
Thank you for adding me on facebook. I look forward to getting to know you better!
fondly, Nancy

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