Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Mind in Boho or Limbo...

As I try to get caught up with my online projects & deal with computer problems, I came across this necklace below designed by Kecia Frazee Deveney. Kecia is one of my many talented friends that inspire, share & create fabulous works of art from found objects & recycled materials. Among many other things she creates with her creative mind. I have so many things to do and I'm working on some new creations for a few wonderful people. I have no time really right now to do all that I want. However, I did want to share these photo's with you and hope you can stop by her blog & online shops. It is important to support others in this creative world. It means a lot to us that you enjoy our work & buy from us before you buy from mass produced factories. I needed to do this now before I get too busy again & forget about it all.

**UPDATE**(HELLO!!! I DID forget about it! OH MY!!! I found it as a "DRAFT" shame on me!!! I thought I finished it, but I guess I didn't. Must have been the LINKS I needed to get... My head hurts. A headache that will not go. I have too much drama in my life! Please go away! I Love my girls more than anything in the World. however.... It is NOT easy! With raising girls comes DRAMA, regardless what you do, how you raise them... The world is full of it! I end up taking it all in, I hurt when they hurt, I stress when they stress, I take it all on times 5! That is a lot. Please forgive me. I am getting there. Just a lot on my plate & 8 more plates at that!(2 dogs & the MR!)

This piece is of course is one of a kind. Made from found objects & vintage bits. A real statement piece. A fabulous design fit for her Texas friends. I too had some of my Cowgirl friends in mind when I first saw this. She doesn't have it for sale online, however if anyone was interested She would be thrilled to sell it to you. Until then... it is going to the Country Living Fair with her. I know it won't last long. Its too fun!

This piece is so unique too. I Loved the way she photographed them. I love the colors. This is not something you find everyday. This is something that came somewhere deep in her creative mind. You do not find that at Target or ever day malls.... This is from someone whom gives up a lot do what comes from her heart & her mind. You really can't put a price on that.

"The Lost Purse" ~ This is from her
"Lemon Choly's Studio" * In her own words:

This is a very old metal, mesh purse from the Victorian era. They were also called "doll purses". I bought it from a woman in Pennsylvania who told me it belonged to her great grandma. The history behind these old metal heirlooms fascinate me. I thought it would look lovely as necklace and I was right. The purse is wire wrapped onto various chain, pearls and beads deconstructed from vintage necklaces. A few modern chain links bring the whole piece together. Inside the purse are a few hidden items. I added a bezel to the front of the purse that says "heart and soul" - old text from a vintage book. I even wrote a little fictional story about the purse. You can read about it here.

From the clasp to the very bottom of the purse, measures 15". Your doll purse will be carefully wrapped and sent out by first class mail with insurance.

style tip: funk your necklace up even more by pairing it with other necklaces (shorter or longer). it'll give you that gypsy flair!

*i can change all the lengths of any of my necklaces - so if you want something longer or shorter, just let me know upon check out! $235.00


Kecia's BOHO Bracelets she is taking to Country Living Fair

Please go check out her sites. You have a lot of fun & be Inspired!
If you love to support handmade, Moms in business, and all those creating with their heart & soul in each piece they design... Please go ahead and look around in her shops. You will be inspired and you would get a piece that is truly one of a kind and made from a wonderful & creative person. One whom would be very grateful & thrilled you believed in her and therefore purchased from her, not a factory.

Please visit her sites & enjoy the fun!

Kecia Etsy

Flea Market Junkture
My mind is never stopping, it is just tired and over used right now. A lot going on. I am getting there. Soon. I do see light! ; ) XOXO


icandy... said...

Your work is just gorgeous, girl!!!! What fantastic necklaces you create~ I sooo enjoy looking at all of your goodies! Those BOHO bracelets, by Kecia are pretty awesome, too!
Hang in there... the drama (and headache) will soon pass!
Christina :)

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

ohhhhh nooooooo!!! Those aren't my necklaces! This post is about Kecia. Everything she creates! I only Wish I could make those. I Love everthing she does. Thanks though. You'll love all her links. So much eye candy & inspiration!
Thanks again for stopping by! You made my day!!! (((HUGS))) ~ Joelle XOXO

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