Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette on Etsy...

Wow... I'm trying to list this little Marie Antoinette piece on Etsy and it really takes some thought....

TAGS..... Its vital how you use them. Well... its very important to use the right TAGS. It is how you are to be found in the world of online selling with millions of others...
You can have a fantastic piece, but if no one can find you.... your not going to sell it.
Also... you can only use like 14 tags too? Have to be creative too in your description... if only people knew all the work, thought process & time involved in putting things online. It isn't as easy as you think. It can be, but it all just takes time.

I wanted to put it on My lollishops, however... I just do not feel anyone can find me there right now. I have to figure it out.

ANY & ALL ideas are welcome... from anyone reading this or if you know someone who is a Wiz at that kind of thing. Send them my way...

I have a lot of work to do.

Online, photographs, descriptions, finishing products, getting rid of distractions and ohh so much more all while my girls are busy with summer activities.

ohhhhh If ANYONE knows anyone who has everything, or LOVES Marie Antoinette, frou frou posh things... send them my way to come take a peak at my Marie Antoinette decorative hook.

It is really pretty and very unique. I Love the colors and the regal style from such a little piece is really charming and a sweet conversation piece.

Colors are so soft & sweet would be fabulous is a nursery ~ hanging sweet little Christening gowns or antique dresses,
or little girls room with posh little pink tutu's
or your studio, workspace ... or really anywhere for lots of diff. reasons.

Who knew a hook could be so stylish. Or you could simply just hang some pearls, chains, ribbons etc.... or nothing at all & just look at it and know you bought something from me & made me so happy .....and it is quite a unique piece.
Back to work I go Listing this & hopefully some more things just waiting....

Ciao ~


Anonymous said...

this is lovely Joelle!

I'm so glad to see you bloggig again and creating such beautiful pieces.


Joelle said...

Oh My goshhhh. I have been spinning like crazy... just when I think its slowing down BAM! ; )
I am however... getting things done.
So I have 2 Precious Baton Rouge families.... I got a little confused in the mess in the beginning... haha
Miss you and thanks for being there. ; )
Putting my ideas together to show you some sweet French inspired keepsake boxes.(cream, gold, vintage brass, on pedestals ... & some other goodies)
Dream away....
Enjoy your summer with your Beautiful family.
Joelle XOXO

Anonymous said...

lol, no I'm not the one in Baton Rouge with the darling nursery! Now, we do have a french inspired home and very girly bedrooms!

However, my "baby" girl is turning 7 in August.....sooo sad that they have to grow! I'd love to turn back the clock to nursery times again--

Maybe we can dream up something pretty for her birthday--sweet and ooh so girly!

Keep in touch,

mommy to 3 cuties in Baton Rouge

Joelle said...

silly girl... I know who you are.

Just in the beginning I got confused. like im confusing you right now.
I have like 5 screens going at once here trying to do things & get caught up. I get distracted when I have to get up & leave my computer and RE~ Focus??? haha

im sorry for confusing you. I know YOU TOO are another "Royal" family with your lovely princess's... ; )
Aren't we all! haha
the 3 of us all seem to have the same style. Love it!

If I wasn't so behind & my girls so busy I'd meet you for a weekend Lunch! ; ) This mommy deserves to get away... but so hard to drag me away anywhere with so much unfinished business....

Moving forward.... focusing. trying.

I'll email you soon with some ideas...

Thank you again Debra for being so patient & just "being there" it ment alot.

Funny how two lovely moms from Baton Rouge came into my life and helped me Dream.....

I appreciate it much!
to you both,
Joelle XOXO

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