Friday, June 19, 2009

Holly Golightly Vs. Angelina Jolie....

Ok... here it is. That look I was talking about 2 posts ago... "Wearing pearls and little dress" while doing my housework as the pretty little wife & mommy..... You know the look. Back in the day when life seemed easier. Less hectic & competitive. Women dressed like respectable women and had a certain innocence about them. Alright... I'm in my own little world here and my mind is getting carried away with those times of Doris Day and June Clever and of course Holly Golightly. It is refreshing for me to take a step back & go down memory lane even if it is through Holly Golightly's eyes. It is a much needed stroll away from all the drama. Times have changed. I know, it is not practical for most but I still believe one can have goals and at least TRY to achieve some kind of dignity & respect as a classy woman and becoming mom of the year. ( HA ha...I'll never reach that goal but I'll try to do my best)I'll settle for mom of the day.

I might love those styles in once sense but I also Love today's woman & all she can do in this competitive world, and the Land of possibilities.. I guess I want it all too.

I never thought I would put these two names in the same sentence. Audrey is a fashion Icon and one classy lady & hard act to follow. At one point I despised Angelina Jolie and thought how trashy she acted. Well... who do I think I am to judge. Shame on me and shame on all of us that do it all to often. Yes she made mistakes. She kissed her brother in a strange way, shared viles of blood with Billy Bob (married someone with the name Billy Bob) ~ haha Just kidding.

anyways, my point is... we all go through diff. stages in our life and some take a little more time finding their selves. Some know no better. Some do not grow up. Some learn and some do not. What matters is what your doing now with what you have and what you can do. I might not like everything she has done and I'm sure she could say the same about me. I haven't heard or seen her hurt anyone so I am not one to judge. I am one to admire her awesome photographs and stunning great looks. I LOVE all the photo's of her by the brilliant Mario Testino. Absolutely stunning.

She is now a mother. She needs no ill words from us. What she needs is to be the best mom she can be and protect her children from all the drama, negativity and materialistic hype one can get caught up in. She is a mom just like me. What more or less she has isn't the point. You can't buy Love. You can give it away as much as possible. That is now our main priority.

For children's sake... pray they are loved, taken care of, not forgotten in all the success, have healthy responsible people around them, and Pray they are not a temp. fix, a show piece. Pray they are all happy. All of them.

Remember that. Moms need to be busy loving & do not need anymore drama. For the children's sake. It does make a difference.

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( I Need to get off my fashion fix & get creating and find baby & child inspiration... Focus Joelle, Focus.)

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