Friday, June 19, 2009

Desperate Housewives

I really took a break from my online projects to get refreshed, get rid of negativity around me, relax, enjoy my girls without distractions.... and try to get focused. However... It is not so easy for me to do. I have 5 daughters. My life is busy. My girls are busy. It is just me doing it all & running in circles and trying to catch my breathe in the middle of chaos. ( and lately... there has been much of it)

I do not want my blog to be about my drama. I have a hard time keeping it to myself now that I have a new tool called the computer.... Maybe it is because I do not have an outlet to dump it all elsewhere???
In person, I try to be positive, outgoing & happy. I do not run around airing my dirty laundry. So why here in blog land a place where quite possibly alot more people are listening?

well... I know I am not alone. Maybe others going through this kind of craziness will see they aren't alone. They too can find an outlet and keep moving forward. Not give up their dreams and keep creating & that it will take a little more time getting there.
I really had different plans for myself. I wanted to be one of those moms that wore pearls and dresses while doing wifey/mommy housework. I never wanted to let it slip. Always look my best, smile with such charm & grace. Be the Posh mom I was made to be. It just got too busy and I forgot about me. I wish I could run away for awhile and get my self back and start fresh.
Being the perfect wife & mother is just not that easy. Even for those that could never imagine it any other way. When you have children, your priorities change. Does not mean I can't wear my pearls, It just means somethings have to take a back seat. Now its up to me to get ME back and be that pretty little happy housewife I was meant to be.

For now... I must LOVE myself for who I am now and enjoy being a mommy. My pearls aren't too far away.

Miss you all. I hope to be back blogging and creating and moving forward with you all.

Thank you for visiting my blog & all the emails etc... It means the world to me.

XOXO, Joelle

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Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said... are trying too hard! ;) Relax. Be the beautiful person you are INside--that is what your girls and everyone else who matters will remember most (and is the lasting). Even the silver screen beauties weren't perfect all the time...and then they got old and all their glam and beauty faded. I know, I know, it's important to actually feel beautiful on the outside, but do it in small bits. It's too overwhelming and unrealistic to be all that we'd like to be all the time. If I'm having an ugly day (like right now--I need a serious hair cut--but no money for that this week or even next) and even if I will only be around the house all day, I put on my only pair of diamond earrings, some mascara, and maybe some lipstick and I FEEL better. Don't compare yourself to anyone else--there is only one beautiful, lovely you. Enjoy life and your girls, put on those pearls and a little lipstick and have a relaxing weekend. ;)

Joelle said...

YOU are such a doll.
Thank you so much for checking in on me... I appreciate so much that you visit my blog!
Thank You.
I know what is really important, and what my girls need to know... however... somethings are harder to get over. I WISH I wasn't so hard on myself. I guess my appearance was something I Could CONTROL...and when I do not feel like me lately... It can bring you down. its just something I think moms like me have a hard time when they forget about theirselves and get so busy... hate not being who they "worked so hard at becomming"...everything becomes so frustrating. sad. funny for people who THINK we are self absorbed because we LOVE fashion & love to look great, have no clue how self absorbed we really aren't because we put EVERYONE first & forget to take care of ourself... so its kinda funny in a weird way. makes it more frustrating if I could only find the right words to explain this all without sounding so stupid right now... can't figure it out in this tiny box & its late.... oh my!
I hope you understand. I think my "people pleasing" fault is trying to say this all for those like me who are bothered by this kind of stuff us moms go through. Does that make any sence? probably not. just know... I appreciate what you are saying and totally agree. Im working on not caring what others think about me and trying to just relax & be me. (but that is me..... : ) haha just kidding.kinda. see....that image thing really stinks!
darn it all! ; )
Joelle XOXO

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