Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Surround yourself with pretty things. Be inspired by life. Be it a person, a photograph, magazines, books, boutiques, fabric, candles, even sea shells.... Surround yourself with things you love. Take a moment to appreciate what you like. Even for a minute. Look, smell, touch the things that make you happy. Life is busy. When is the last time you went into your favorite boutique & just looked around? enjoyed the smells, displays, people, ambiance... that boutique feel. Take a moment for yourself. I'm learning to stop & smell the "daisies"..even the wildflowers are from heaven...
Time. Just a little time....
Even for a minute. I'm going outside by Myself. Quietly. No explanations, just me. Silly as it may sound. There are those of us that take those simple quite times for granted. Being a mom is demanding and full time, even as wonderful a life you may have..don't forget to take the time for YOU alone. So even if you have a great stress less life or crazy, hectic filled with drama life like more of us.... Make time to be alone for a minute being around something you like. Simple.
Why repeat myself.... Some of us need to be Reminded! You can never hear enough good things.

Remind someone. Easy.
(it should be easy... yet I found it to be a big deal for me that I needed to write about it??? Come on Joelle....I shouldn't have spent the time reminding others... I should have just done it. One step at a time....) (((HUGS))) all you sweet people reading this. XOXO

by the way.... those XOXO are HUGS & KISSES from me. I mean it when I do that. Just so you know. I don't throw out hugs & kisses for no reason... : ) WE ALL NEED LOVE! ; )


Vogue Italia '05 , Flickr


Anonymous said...


you are just the sweetest person--I lOVE how you strive to inspire us all!!!

Big hugs to you,


Shell said...

Pretty things feed our soul. Daisies are my new favorite flowers.

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