Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Posh girl....

Ok.... so I didn't go to bed yet... well ~ I got inspired again! Girly pink ruffles and Haute Couture photo shoots.... PINK, red, pink and ruffles, all the things Girls are made of... My mind must be telling me to focus! Focus on the girls in my life. The girly girls we are and celebrate it right now and play around later with all the other mediums I want to experiment with.

I'm a mommy to 5 girls. I'm a girly girl. It is who I am. Please do not let that fool you though... I am tough when I need to be and I love to get down & dirty too and get creative... but I am all girly and frou frou and LOVE IT.... so I might as well get creative and hope to find the right people wanting me to get creative for them and Frou frou it up! Glitz, Glam, femme femme, frilly, Posh, sparkles, pearls, layers,ruffles, roses, pink, red, pink. All the typical moms wanting the best for their little princess's ~
whom never settle for typical run of the mill ~ store bought masss produced decor....
When I was a new mommy I couldn't find what I was looking for so I took it upon myself and created what I wanted my sweet baby to have.... Then the journey began.... I kinda lost focus in the craziness of it all.... years later.... So THANK YOU Vogue magazines around the world and your wonderful photographers. I had another creative journey in La La land. I LOVED it all.

Now I have to find a way to mix Vogue, Haute Couture, Posh bling (hate saying that word... I sound so ???) anyways.... all that yummy mommy inspiration, touch of Audrey Hepburn and Bebe, baby, girly girl big teens some southern charm & mix it all together.....

Send your ideas & inspiration my way.... I need it all!

Now I need to go hunt down my creative baby boutique owners out west and see what they have been up to. I miss those days.

Simply yummy! Delicious glam. I need to get out my lamps again, do you agree? Such yummy details one could have in her precious bedroom. I think I have a few lamps waiting to be Poshed up.

By the way..... If anyone knows of or is a designer with EXTRA trimmings, old stash, bits & pieces of lace, vintage ruffles.... you know, good stuff! ; ) that you can't use anymore but needs a perfect home.....Please send them my way! I'll put them to good use! Recycle & be Earth friendly! and my girls will Love you as much as me!

Kiss kiss ~
Bonne Nuit ~ mon doux ; )
Joelle ~ (I need an awesome signature thingy don't you think???) ; )

(Courtesy of ~ Gemma, Vogue Uk,)

This last pic. of Gemma.... I have used it about 3 times in cyber world.... I absolutely love her. She is a doll. seriously.


starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Joelle,
Happy to see you blogging.
You always show us the most beautiful photos!
I'm sick today and so I am checking out all the blogs from the lollishops merchants page.
It makes being sick not so bad :)
starrydeborah (thefrenchteacup)

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Hi, Joelle! I still don't know how you have time for anything with five kids. I can barely get things done with 2! Hey, just stopping by to say that I think your pix in the Romantic Homes ad for Lollishops looks great! I hope the ad brings you lots of sales. Have a super weekend. ; )

Chelsea Ling said...

Lovely photos :) love Gemma Ward, and love her hair in those!

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