Friday, April 10, 2009

A Pink merry-go-round....

I feel like I have been on one long tiresome nap and not quite rested. I haven't been blogging lately and I am sorry to those whom stop by. Just when I think... am I waisting my time blogging? Who really cares what I say and does anyone really come here anyways???

Then I get a few emails from some of you and it just touches my heart like you would not believe.
Thank You.
Its nice to be missed a bit.
I know I have alot to do and so much to learn regarding this blogging thing....but I am reading and learning and trying to bring forth something more substantial to either...... ~ entertain you, inform, inspire or who knows... but I am thinking of ways to improve my blogging skills in the middle of projects I have going on.
I think I took on too many projects at once.... all right smack in the middle of some major drama in my life.
However... every one I took on.... was for someone sweet and deserving. All of YOU! ; )

Marilyn Blowing kisses
Just when I'm feeling like I'm empty inside & so much on my plate....
My head is spinning in the sea of Pink pink pink pretty things and so much inspiration around me....
I feel like I am on a never ending merry go round and so as I get stressed & over whelmed... my mind/imagination starts to get very creative.

So many ideas and inspiration and energy and then.... I look around and I am all alone. Then I get frustrated and side tracked with all the stresses in my life.
So its taking me awhile to get out of this lonely mommy mode I created and look to all of you around me that send positive thoughts my way. You might not be right next to me but I know you are there. (moving down south didn't help the isolation thing either.... its such along story.
****and YOU Miss Wonderful new friend of my daughters sweet friend..... you know who you are! THANK YOU! Thank you for being so kind & sweet & the wonderful gifts. YOU did make me feel special. Thank you. I'm just so used to doing EVERYTHING alone. ALWAYS taking care of my beautiful children and forgetting about me. You make a better mommy when mommy is happy too. ; )
I get creative, have fun for a bit with it, but no one around to share it with and then I get sick of it all and ~ IN the garage it goes.... and then on to new project. Shopping for new things to create is therapy ~ expensive therapy at times. so I get bored easy and fill the emptiness by BUYING new things to pass my time.... ohhh this never ending merry go round must stop. Time to make something happen and get out of the mess. right?! ok.... so I'm trying, once again. I know I'm not alone. Its a mom thing right? well...for some of us in the mommy mode all alone? I LOVE being a mom, but it doesn't mean I'm not a person too. So Wake up Joelle and Make your dreams happen!

Well my friends... I'm off to wonderland and magical dreams and hope to find my way....
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XOXO


starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Joelle,
You always have such wonderful words for us all. Encouraging and fun.
Keep it up girl, and don't forget to spoil yourself sometimes too!
PS. My Marie box is still waiting for you :)

Joelle said...

Sweet Girl... seriously how I missed responding to this I have no idea.....YOU are such a wonderful soul to have come into my life with your sweet words & encouragement.
I believe I have pictures of your boxes on the mixed media forum we both belong to??? ohhh one of them on my right side here... I had to leave a few forums because I just do not have enough time to contibute. I feel bad but im being pulled in so many directions... I miss so many of the girls from all the forums/creative sites. Simply AWESOME people! maybe some day I can be more involved but right now ~ FOCUS!!!!! so hard for a creative mind sometimes.... o well... that's me... must deal with it : ) right.

Love you sweets! one day... we'll be creating somewhere together. wouldn't a workshop in PARIS be ideal????? LOVE IT! DREAM BIG baby!

See you around Deborah!
Joelle XOXO

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