Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My ad in Somerset Studio magazine

I have a little ad with Lollishops in this wonderful magazine. Look for my little bit. Its not a big huge Whole page ad all about me : (
....but it is a start. Its a tiny picture at the bottom, click on the title here for the link & then click on the picture itself to enlarge it. Its still small. but hopefully better in person??? As long as they can see my name & come find me. I pray. Can you believe I still do not have the magazine yet. I buy every magazine I like. I can't believe I did not subscribe to this one. I am now.

I have another one comming out this summer in Romantic homes magazine. The picture is due in two days. I am so not ready. I had so much stress & drama in my life right now, that I could not create a new wonderful piece. Im sad. However.... It will be something I created that reflects my style so Its getting my name out there. I hope the picture turns out ok. I HATE rushing & I hate not doing what I wanted to. Thats life. I have 5 children that come first and this marriage...... ohhhh pray ~ people. I need it. This has been a month of me being alone doing it all with no help. I mean NO HELP & much added stress. Not sure what will happen next. Im breathing deep & struggeling for air but I know my girls are healthy & safe & it will be one day at a time.

This is the piece I did. Its a Marie Antoinette inspired collage hook decorative piece.

I Love the colors, the crown and the little bouquet of flowers I made are sweet. I even made tiny leaves out of artist grade canvas and painted them & molded them a tiny bit. I have tons & tons of leaves But I wanted to do something different & delicate. There is even glass glitter at the very top of the piece and bottom of the crown and a few vintage rhinestones tucked in the flowers as well as at the bottom.
This is deff. unique & for someone who has everything or wants it all!
Pretty to look at or hang sweet precious things from. Baby dress, bonnet, Special apron, washcloth from ribbon or tea towles... hmmmm favorite sweater? ohhh the ideas are endless, but this is to be for something & someone special. If I get brave & finally put it on Lollishops. haha
I will.


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Good for you, Joelle, being part of these ads. I also am part of the Romantic Homes ad and am excited about it (I really like Romantic Homes). Your creation is just lovely! I wish you all the best and some good sales from the ads. ; )

Shell said...

I am going to look out for your ad in Romantic Homes. Hey, whatever is going on, I'm going to send good thoughts your way. I love you MA piece. So pretty and pink. Hugs to you, Joelle.

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