Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fresh & Funky details....

I'm trying to Think Spring & get some FRESH new ideas and Inspiration.... I came across these photo's in my file and yes one is Fresh & fun but the other is a little bit out of season yet it is so Wonderful. It is a Great Photo.

Getting the great shot is something im working on. Background & lighting, style....... I'm a perfectionist and I have a vision of how I want to photograph my designs but since I can't get there right yet, that's what is hindering me from listing things. I know stupid in a way but maybe a little smart??? however the photo's of the little bit I did put online are horrible! I do not direct anyone to my site because of it. I just wanted to list "something" to show I am getting there. I'm just not there yet. TOO many obstacles and it is driving me crazy! Photographing your designs is so important. Finding YOUR own style and image is important. DO not use someone Else's idea... Then you lose your own identity...Stand out. Be creative, People LOVE finding new fun & inventive ideas... Do not blend in, make a statement, be who YOU are. I'm still trying to find me I guess. ohhhh such a roller coaster ride I am on.

I'm ready for a time out... I need to take a break and relax....and think..... Wish It were a much needed vacation....but I will settle for a little bubble bath....

Calgon take me away.....
But I know it will end up being like this....Bubble bath for little one.
I Love her but This mommy needs some pampering really bad. One day...... I wish.

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tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Cuuuuuuuuuute stuff!!! (and if I start to take baths instead of showers, will I have legs like that?? :)

M ^..^

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