Monday, March 9, 2009

Alice in Vogue Italia ~ inspiring my Art....

Now how in the World would you think Vogue Italia would Inspire me...for my little creations....
hmmmm how do I explain? Fashion inspires me. Details. Yummy details & colors & props.
I look at the whole picture. Everything, everywhere. In the back & on the ground & even
places you normally wouldn't think to look. A box ~ with some fabulous trims, colors combo's, unexpecting detail ~ be it vintage jewelry, buckle, old broken part, lace, rust, odd object for whimsy... Ideas just start popping in my head. Sometimes with 5 girls & a 2 year old on my lap... I can't get to it all but I can still dream, prepare & inspire myself. I only hope I can inspire someone else. Im am so ready to create. I hope tonight, I can get something done.
Im just getting started!
Kisses ~
Joelle XOXO


Chelsea Ling said...

Oh awesome, I love that girl.

Joelle said...

I know... I love her too. Your a doll as well! XOXO

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