Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jottum ~ Simply Dutch...

I Just came across this site ~ Such an amazing & Talented mother of 6! Wow. I just love everything about her & her style. Love it all. I wanted to show you all every photo. You can go look for yourself. So many wonderful pieces. I simply adore her style for ME & my beautiful girls. If I was a princess and I could buy everything in the world.. I wuld buy one of each. She is only the beginning. I have so many more designers I absolutely love & would Love to share. Please, If you can not afford these style... Then thats when you turn to your local designers and see if they can be inspired. Go to places like Lollishops or Etsy and find new inspiring designers just waiting to get their big break. Im off to go find some & share with you all. Look at this PINK jacket. I Love it. The details are yummy. Look closely and any of you designing your own pieces... take note! ; )
Those ruffles in my previous post aren't just for Haute Couture.... Look at this little top. She is adorable. Girly & frou frou. I used these ruffle ideas on my "handpainted" pieces. Inspiring.
Ohhhh to be a little princess.... This is darling and so sweet. The little top has sweet details in the back. Look below. Use your imagination. Dream away. Create Magic.

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