Saturday, February 7, 2009

Caught With My Pants down....

Did you ever get caught with your pants down? You know.. caught unexpected. Really let it all out where you did not want it to be??? Well my friends... I just did that and I am a nervous wreck about it.

A very sweet mom came here to meet me while dropping her daughter off. I being the "posh Mom" hahaha... wasn't so Posh. (I can say that right... I got a POSH mom award last year.)

I had black tights on, that obviously were not mine or old or... in MY closet & OLD (to paint in) & I put them on with a "short" Black tennis skirt, my daughters boots & a black warm up jacket. paint in hair & face and messy updo & I so was not a "painter" or a Posh mom but a yucky mess! So embarraced. If only I didn't have the boots & tights on : ( but they were compfy in the car where no one would see as I picked up friends & dropped off girls... & I like skirts. I feel free & semi dressed up for not going anywhere but ~ PAINTING.....but all together tonight outside of my car.) ~ BUSTED!!!!

I so Hope this mom does not judge. I feel horrible. She left her precious daughter to me. not knowing.

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