Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Je t' aime Paris in Spring....

A French inspired little treasure box I designed. 
Bouquets from the flower markets in Paris were my yummy inspiration....

I wanted to make an accent piece for a little girls room yet maybe be functional too. Like a secret little box. A sweet place to hide your secrets or money, keys, hang some pearls from the little hook inside. You know all the things little girls like to keep as their secret little treasures. What a wonderful way to keep them & at the same time add such charm & uniqueness to her bedroom. Such little treasures, so small & yet add such wonderful charm to their special surroundings. A perfect gift to give to someone so special. A gift that they will treasure & definitely not forget whom gave it to them. I had fun creating this & this piece actually would be a wonderful baby shower gift, birthday gift for best friends and I even have some mommies tell me they would Love it for their selves. So be it little Princess or even us Big Girls... It is for anyone whom Loves pretty things.

I will be adding it to my Lollishops soon. Keep checking for lots more goodies to come.

Im busy busy busy creating away and dealing with computer issues & creating this new blog & getting new emails & playing with my 2 year old & her 4 other busy sisters in the midst of all this. So please bare with me and hopefully this will all come together as things slow down after the Holidays and vacations etc...

I miss you all & look forward to meeting new friends that enjoy what I do.
Best Wishes ~
Joelle XO

1 comment:

SweetAnnee said...

Tis sweet sweet sweet..
Love the photo shoot
your blog is FUN!!!

fondly, Deena

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