Saturday, November 6, 2010

Save Kristie Tunick

Please Read this is VERY URGENT!!! ONly 3 weeks to Live!!!
Imagine you only have 3 weeks left to live....
every minute counts....
please help me save Kristie's life!

She needs us to post this video about her message, her story everywhere...on facebook, twitter, myspace, in a chain email to all your contacts...
we need everyone to try to contact their local please help get her help to save her life!
 Read more about Kristie here.

I just came across this story from a friend on my twitter.
If I can do anything to help, I will.
Such an easy thing to pass the story along on my own blog.
Please spread the word too if you can.
Miracles do happen.

*Please turn the music down all the way to the bottom of my blog.Thank You xoxo

If You are a Doctor or know one, or anyone in the media to get the word out. Please help. Do what YOU can with the resources you have. Thank You so much. xoxo

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