Friday, November 26, 2010

Let me tell You something...



Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

Well I hope all is better now. I know my day is better because I found your blog...and it is rockin!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

YES, it is Always a better day! I can only move forward & look for the best. because I have HOPE.

CHEERS! to looking for that better something ; )

Joelle xoxo

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

How sweet of you! Well I guess we've intrigued each other because I was stunned when I came across your blog. It's sublime...I promise. Cheers to getting to know you better!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

O WOW Natalie....
YOU walked into crazy time here! omg
so sorry. lol
I NEVER play all this variety of music. I'm bored!

TRYING to find ME! ;)

Starting ALL OVER.....

I LOVE your Holiday Music & all my favorite blogs & all their music as well. (I do that too) ;)

ME...I have to throw a lil POW! into it all.

My Holiday time isn't going to be great this year so Im focusing on diff. things.

VARIETY is good.

Refreshes your mind & you can get back to YOU! ;) xoxo

I'm not sure what I will end up with but im trying to find something diff. to bring to the BLOG world.

So much the same. I tire easy of same same lol.

BUT NEVER TIRE of your style & all those designs! LOVE!!! ;)

Thank YOU sweet friend. I hope not to offend you with some of my choices ; )

Love to you all! (really, I mean it)

Joelle xoxo

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