Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexy Lace, last minute Halloween ideas....

vogue-paris-90th-anniversary Masquarade Ball

I'm suppose to  go to a Halloween party 
for our neighborhood at the club house.
Nothing glamorous or huge.
Just the neighborhood & friends.
I didn't really feel like going but a few are making me.
So, at the last  minute, the creative one in me can't go 
looking "last minute" so I went to VOGUE & fellow fashion blogs for help.
I found what I was looking for.
Not sure, If I will have time & be able to pull it off,
This look can be done with some black lace & or sheer silks etc...
maybe some  black roses, ruffles or black sheer material,black tulle,  added to neck with
a rhinestone broach.
thigh high boots?
Just find something black in my closet, boots or heels(add some feathers & lace -post below)
a mask, maybe black gloves...
I may find it all.
Who knows, but here are some ideas for anyone 
needing last minute ideas.
You can do it.

Valentino mask

Love the simple elegance of this one. Always loved this material.

Lara Stone * Vogue Paris

The Fabulous Daphne Guinness who does a veil so well.
Photography by Karl Lagerfeld mask by Maison Michel
wire, headband, lace,satin ribbon.

Karlie Kloss wearing Alexander McQueen final collection in "First Look" [Vogue UK 08.10]...

Guinevere Van Seenus by Javier Vallhonrat.
Philip Treacy for Valentino Couture

Sigrid Agren shot by the brilliant Paolo Roversi
 No Matter how Vogue, Haute Couture or simply charming you may go...
Audrey Hepburn

get creative

tumblr & so sorry I forgot witch one. I'll find it. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Vogue Editorial Russia

It doesn't matter, be creative & have fun.

Lady Gaga in Jean Paul Gaultier
 Of course Lady Gaga
Queen of Masks & Show stoppers
You could always be extra Creative. 

If your going with someone
I hope your as smashing as these two

I LOVE how classy & sexy these two look.


No matter what
Enjoy the weekend & Halloween 
with your
family & friends.

If your alone, 
treat yourself, relax & do something you might not normally do.
Why? Because I said so. 
Just kidding, do something because YOU deserve it.
Happy Halloween
Happy Weekend!


 oh.... don't forget eyelashes
Anja Rubik 

get creative. 


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Such a gorgeous post, sweetie, and LOVE some of these masks! Did you go out for Halloween? We were invited to a barn dance but I've been SO BUSY that we decided to make it a quiet weekend at home and relieve the stress of coming up with a last-minute costume. Hope your week is a lovely, lovely one!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank You Beautiful!
Love these masks too.
Such an easy thing to do too if your crafty at all. & wire is always good to have around.
So many ideas & makes quite a big impact for not a lot of money$.
Of course they are designer & I am in no way saying that anyone can duplicate these exact ones. but you get the idea....
A sexy & Vogue look with things you have already at home.
Ideas for a diff. party or next year.

I went to a neighborhood party.
A close friend of ours passed away. My daughters age. We were shocked!!! She was suppose to come visit us. I am sick. So sad.
We're all still in shock.

Plans changed. I didnt go get any lace.& other things I needed.
I had some white lace & painted/dyed it black(very last minute) to go around my neck. no joke. I was determined to have a certain look.(used a fabric medium to dye it)took me like 5 minutes to do it.To hurry the process, after setting outside while I showered, I then put in oven. no joke again! not good idea but it worked.
I had black feathers for a lamp I am working on. I added more to my daughters.
My daughter gave me her black mask I painted for her last year. covered in black glitter. with diamond(tiny) around the bottom of the eyes. & Black feathers on the side with a rhinestones atop the feathers. I'll try to get pictures on here.
I did black smokey eyes in case my mask had to come off. lol I do not like to hide behind a mask ; )
Red lipstick.
I wore black boots w/ HIGH heels, not thigh high :( lol
knee high. but too high of a heel to dance all night. I'm not used to it since I had last baby. & to think I Lived in high heels. OMG.
My feet still hurt.
I wore my daughters black baby doll chiffon dress & black lace collar.
Who was I? Or what was I?
Didn't matter.. I wore a mask! ;)

I had fun.
I didn't want to go.
Sad day.
but my friends made it better.
Music & drinks always seem to make things better with friends. lol
Met parents of a boy that comes over all the time. My daughters take him to school.
So funny who lives in your neighborhood & you don't even know everyone.Gota change that.
This neighborhood seems to like to have get togethers in the club house.
Since we moved here in July?.. they have had more parties then a years worth at my old neighborhood.(party animals? haha , no just family friendly people who want to get to know everyone & make friends) LOVE IT!

My girls were happy I went out.
I came home to their little dance party & even skyped a bit. (I guess thats the thing to do? My dad just told me he skypes(ewww) w/ his brother so they can yell face to face lol (he's over seas)
HAHAHA So Skype is on the list. Im so behind.

so funny how teens get mommy online. I felt happy for once & had fun & felt young again.
This mommy needs to get a life ~ AGAIN.
I like the idea of being home & relaxing. but I do that enough.haha
My girls made me enjoy myself & I am so lucky to have them!!!
Now we need to get ready for Thanks Giving & enjoy the fall season & BE INSPIRED!
Enjoy your week dollface! ;)

RIP Kathleen,
We miss you!
mommy DeNardo xoxoxo

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Yea.... that was quite the long comment.
Sometimes you just have to get it all out.
Thats how I felt.
I was happy to go out on my own & have fun & dance like old times.

I've missed being me.

One day at a time.


Brooke said...

Amazing Halloween Inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog! Check mine out:

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