Saturday, October 9, 2010

French bebe style * Laduree inspired...

 Dream in Pink...

 Princess of Monaco collection
Prince Charming keepsake Box.
statement piece
but also 
hidden treasure box

keepsake boxes
decorative designs
to make 
nursery, bedroom or playroom

 Haute Couture Decor

 still waiting for me to finish with extra details...

 Sometimes with a big family.... Life gets in the way
 so they sit pretty ~  waiting patiently

or birthdays come about & I create more treasures
for such deserving princess's

 Posh Pets
 notice the little bone w/ pink gingham bow in the little bouquet
a custom design for a sweet Yorkies Birthday party 
with special note on hand torn paper 
written in French & sealed inside
her name on gold heart charm.
for Posh herself.

I love to use
vintage jewelry to embellish my pieces
with French & Italian little sayings or quotes.
this piece went to Finland for someone special

being original
creating one of a kind treasures
to make you dream
far away 
magical places
Once upon a time

Marie Antoinette collage project
a hook for someone who has everything
or at least wants it all

French Bebe

Vintage Baby

glass sugar crystals made to sparkle but not messy
your only little once

Lets not forget these little guys....
I do create a variety of styles.
I  Love it all.
I do create for boys as well. 
(more modern industrial recycled type)
of course classic 
with a touch of rock royalty, clean & simple lines.
Love to experiment
try diff. mediums

most of all
I am really working on using recycled materials.
Earth friendly
Eco chic
can be Posh too.

just waiting to be finished
once upon a time

Italian Jack in the Box
little box 
can be hung on wall to be extra creative

my 3 Vogue Bunnies
wooden molding & hooks


Just in case
you wonder what I do. 
I know I get new readers from all over. 
So here it is. 
Just the beginning.


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Yes you do make things...beautiful things! I love to see the creations that come from your mind through your skillful hands, always a step above the rest!

pinkandgirly said...

Hi Joelle,

I am having such a difficult time logging onto leave a comment for you? Not sure what is going on, but I will have a leave you a message on FB if this doen't work?

So glad to see this enchanting post. I just adore all your soft, girly gifts with their magical details..........

Please let us know when /where you will be listing. I am putting together some ideas for my girls and would LOVE a box of your goodies. I see many of my favorites in the pics, and if they are available--do let me know.

We are preping for Nutcracker, so if you have anything in the works, it will be a must have x2,lol!

Enjoy your weekend,

Baton Rouge, LA said...

You are soooo talented. You have made some absolutely Gorgeous things. So lovely!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank You so much!!!! All of you. Your too kind & have been so gracious to me. I sincerely mean that. Thank you. XOXOXO

Sorry I am so behind. Just when I thought I was moving forward **oh my gosh ~ Again POW knocked right down again** :( But with the encouragement & inspiration from all of you, I CAN get through this!
Love & hugs to you all!


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