Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Je t' aime ....

* turn my music off at the very bottom of my page to listen to her video. 

This is a performance, not how she walks around all day.
Don't judge based on a video.
I just happen to Love her.

 Is it bad that me, being a mom with 5 daughters, I soooo want her dress & boots?
Wow she looks amazing. So pretty.
Well....  maybe my daughter can buy them & wear it for a performance? 
I  Just really like her look.
I'm not dead yet.  ; )

PLEASE, turn the music off at the bottom of my blog First to enjoy this video. Thank You xoxo

I know many of have seen these photo's of Kylie Minogue all over the place.
Shot by the Fabulous Ellen Von Unwerth
for the Tous 2009 campaign.
I still Love them!
So fun & girly.

Kylie Minogue - Party Tous Jewelry Campaign 2009

Sweet & Girly

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