Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Moved to Atlanta.....


I packed my bags

Loaded everything all up

It just happens to be so darn HOTT
I have so much to unpack
One Day At A Time
I'll get it all together
Be able to enjoy
my 5 beautiful daughters.
I already Love my neighbors
Everyone was so welcomming
it feels like home.

It is a family neighborhood.

They have alot of get togethers.

My 3 yr. old already has a BEST FRIEND.
Right next door.

They Play together
swim at the pool together.
She has a  big Brother.
He is the cutest, sweetest & most polite 
little boy ever.
It is so wonderful
to have everyone
come over

Like we have been friends forever. 
Their mommy
She is Beautiful.
A true, real, beautiful soul.
She is helping me fit right in 
I think God had a part in this one.
He knew I needed a friend
He he blessed me with
an angel.

My girls are in love with that family too.
Trust me
If you were here you would know why.

Some people are just real good friend right from the beginning.

Thats when you feel like maybe this could be home.

I have faith.

So hopefully my sweet friends
I will be back with a fresh new start
 like I have been saying
quite some time.
I am hoping this is it.
I have lots of goodies I have been working on
here & there.
My blog needs a makeover
I am trying to focus on 
my designs
in between
keeping my girls happy
decorating my home.
Alot on my plate
I know I can do it.

Thanks to all of you whom inspire me.

Marilyn Blowing kisses

Joelle XOXO

pics via ~ notebook magazine via (*)  ,  Ellen Von Unwerth Vogue, Head over heels , finch eggs  , Peony


icandy... said...

aw, lovely!
you sound so truly happy now and what a blessing that is!
i can't wait to keep up with you again and see the wonderul joy and happiness that you have to share with the world!
thank you for being so sweet and know that i'm thinking of you!
love and hugs,

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank you Christina!!!
I Miss your Beautiful self.
Your truly a special friend.
Always there no matter what.
Thank You again.
I hope your still believing & creating & Loving life.
Miss you & see you soon.
Joelle XOXO

Shell said...

Wow, what a great move for you and your family. I'm wishing you all the best, Joelle.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Hello beautful Shell!!!! Miss your wonderful self! XOXO

I hope this is the best move. I pray & have faith.
I Love it so far!
I hope your doing great, enjoying your summer & loving life.
You deserve the best!
miss you girly!
Joelle XOXO

pinkandgirly said...

Hi Jelle,

I am so happy to be able to chat with you again--I hae missed your lovely posts and daily dose of beautiful inspiration!

Atlanta sounds wonderful--glad to hear you are feeling loved and welcome in your new home.

I look forward to seeing what you are working on................

Have a magical day,

Baton ROuge, LA

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

((((((HUGS))))))) DEBRA!!!!

Hopefully we'll talk soon. : )

Hope you had a wonderful summer with your beautiful family!

Thank You so much!!!!

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