Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RIP Greta. I LOVE You so much & miss you forever

I Love You Greta
     I miss you so much.

My Best friend
Family pet
Loyal companion
Sweetest dog ever.

Died 2 Sunday's ago.
(I lost track of time)?

I am devistated.
She has never left my side 
for the 9 years she has lived.
Only away for no more than 4 days.
She got sick that I went away.

Being a stay at home mom
alone alot.
She was there for me.
I felt safe.

My world seems to be crashing right now
than ever.

She died on a Sunday.
My 2nd computer completley crashed
the next day.
So I have not been able to go online.
Everything seems to be falling apart,
I do Believe
happen for a reason.
I must think positive
it is so hard.

Thank YOU
for visiting my blog.

that I Make things happen....
for my family.

This will not be easy
but I know I can do it.
what it is...
I am not sure
but I have alot of ideas
working on a few things.
(well, I was until all this happened.)
once again.
has planned for me,
I am not sure
but I know
why else do these things happen?
I am a mom of 5 daughters.
who would do this to ONE person?
I must Thank him for making me stronger.
I feel so weak but I must be strong.
I have lasted this long.
I will be back with more to offer 
hopefully make my girls proud of me.
I know I keep saying that
but I have to
determined to make 
new start
surround myself
like minded souls.

Wish me Luck.

excuse the words written on her picture. That was before I knew how to edit & I lost all my pictures on my other computers.(jerk)
This is all I can find online. makes me so mad : (



This is a comment to a friends post about her special doggy.
I  am having a hard time still but needed to respond to her post
& it is a little too long to put on her blog so I am putting it hear.
Too tired & sad to edit and worry about getting to the point
so Im posting here.
I've said enough silly things & made mistakes that no one will be surpirsed & I can edit or delete later
if I need to.

A Fanciful Twist


Ohhh sweet girl.....
This is very hard for me.
I am not ready to leave a comment to this post.
however, I just logged on to my twitter & your tweet was the first I came across so I checked in.
I'm so sad & crying as I read this.
I lost my best friend. my baby. My loyal protector & family pet(still funny to say that, pet sounds so odd, she is family, one of my babies)
really my only friend since moving down south 5 yrs ago.
To have her go & leave me alone is very very hard. I need her more now than ever.
She was the best.
there is no words to explain it all so it took me 2 weeks to say a word.
I felt she deserved more.
but no matter what, the words will nver be enough.
the pain & loss is too great for me, so the worry of what I say & how I say it, doesn't mean anything.
some people will not get it.
some will understand a bit, & some will totally know.
& the 4#yrs I have been on this earth.... I have never felt that love & closeness as I did with her.
I am a stay at home mom for almost 2o yrs.
the 9 of them she was alive.... she never left my side.
I was only away from her for no more than 4 days.
I was almost with her more than my girls, my husband.
she never made me mad, cry or feel alone.
So the closeness I had with her was very strong.
(& im not talking the kind of Love as I have with my children, just diff. but still strong) I LOVE my "5" daughters more than the world.
but this bond I had with my dog that never left my side, stayed up late late nights on computer with me, she followed me room to room.
Her loyalness & unconditional Love was beyond words.
People take it for granted until its too late.

This is your blog, your time to be with your baby & make those times left very special.... & Talk about Her.
but I wanted to share my experience & let you know, your not alone, I am glad YOU too open up & share much about your life more than many ~ as I do too.
Some people can not relate & were not brought up to be so open.
& that is ok too.
Those who can ... should.
That is what we know to do.

Do what you know.
Speak/Blog about what you know, love, believe.
I have been struggleing alot with much drama, life,my art/whatever & I finally said to"MYSELF" yes myself, which is funny to say because I am always looking for INSPIRATION, & struggle with it & my brother said "YOU have what you need right in your own mind, heart & soul, Your passionate about it, Just do it, don't go looking for it, its right there"

well, he said that years ago & I am still looking.
a little slower than most because 5 children is not easy & they keep me busy.

However, comming across your blog this last few months & your little contest, my fist "win" ever... & then my baby's/doggies passing...... comming here tonight, made me think again...

Share what you know,
Do what is in your heart
what comes naturally
go with the flow
Follow your heart....

Thats what people want.

the "art" stuff..... will follow.(for me & others, YOU.... YOUR amazing)

speaking up about my baby"Greta"
had some feel the need to speak up about it & make that first step talk to me. comments, emails etc....
some people read, listen but never say a word.
thats ok.some cant for many reasons.

sometimes, people just need to here what YOU have say.

we learn from eachother.

that is a whole lot more valuable than being a typical run of the mill predictable blogger/person.

The World needs more people like you.

Thank YOU for sharing everything.
Thank YOU for inspiring me.
Thank YOU for being YOU.

I am speaking from the heart.
I was going to just read.
not leave a comment now.
I really am not ready.
This is your time, your sweet ones time, no mine or Greta's,
but YOUR timing & post, made me open up & share my love of my sweet girl & how much my baby meant to me.
Just like you.
It will be ok.
no one lives forever &seems to never be the right time, but YOU & I & everyone else has those memories to share with others.

To Remind others to ENJOY the moments.
To GO outside & enjoy the simple things.
the day, the time, the love.
Make Time and memories.
Stop & think & change things up a bit to accomadate your animals Outide, inside, wherever.... Make Life better for you all.
It really is simple.

Sickness & hard times make us think and those are the times to share with others to REMIND eachother to do it NOW, not wait,
do it now. Love the ones wom are alwasy there for you regardless.

WE owe it to them for everything they do.

I Love you sweet thing for the special heart & soul you have.

Love your precious one up & know that she is lucky to have you & your lucky as well... her sweet brother is there too & you have eachother.

Your little family is always in my prayers.
Thank You for crossing my path, I needed to get this out, it means alot to me ~
I just do not think there will be another place to do so.
Thank YOU.
I hope you understand why I said so much.
I have a hard time lately with getting my point across.
working on that too ; )

Best Wishes sweetie,
Joelle XOXO

A Fanciful Twist


Keeping Up with Stella said...

Thinking of you- I am so sorry! xo

Shell said...

Aw, our animal companions are like family. When they die, it so hard. Sending you much love as your grieve over Greta.

Talking with Tami said...

Sorry about your dog,sad. Soo many of my friends lost their dogs this year.

Miz Carla said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Joelle. She was a beautiful girl and lucky to have you as a doggie mama.

Hoping a virtual hug will help your hurting heart a little.


Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

awwww THANK YOU so much girls!!!! I am so sorry I am so behind thanking you all.

Thanks again, it means so much to me.




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