Saturday, February 6, 2010

Naomi Campbell & Cat woman


 Seriously.... this inspires me.

A picture in a magazine.
Not your typical 
baby & child 
But this is what Moves me to create.

Look at the colors.
turquoise (stone or jewel)
Fabulous green.
Colors, style & Imagination.
Fuel for my creative soul.
It takes me there.

 Inspire me.

Being sweet, sexy & A girl 
Does Not mean we're not tough when We need to be.

In this black & white photo...
I see details.
 I get creative.
It is an add.
nothing more,
You do not have to buy it.
Some appreciate it & others may not.
Do What YOU can with what YOU see.
Think Positive.
We can all find something to debate about....
I'm just using it for good.
I am creative.
I look for ideas....
Feathers & animal print.
metal textures....
Can you imagine?

Look closely at the pictures... 
Any picture. 
Find the details, seek the ideas and DREAM

Appreciate the beauty in it all.
If you open your eyes & mind
It is all beautiful.
If you go there.
Russian Vogue, Pop Culture Post, Cover Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

*This is an old post I had in "Draft" ~ Too pretty be there.

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