Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rare Bird of Fashion ~ Iris Apfel &.... Lady Gaga

Please enjoy this Video & really listen to what she says.
Be it Fashion, design, art, music, jewelry, furniture.... life. You can be Inspired.
 Iris Apfel & Lady Gaga

..Two very different people but they both command attention...

 Amazing couple. I adore them

One is about the fashion industry

The other is about the Entertainment industry

My blog is about inspiration, design & what inspires me to be creative.

These images are purely images to inspire or make your mind work.
It is up to you & I what we do with what we see.
I care to look for the good in things. I Dream with My eyes wide open.
Being someone whom creates, I see with my mind, heart & soul & not with my pocketbook.
It is not about class or money but about being creative.
I see so much more and I do not look for the bad.
If you chose to look for the bad You will find it.
When I write about something & share picture with you all it is to inspire you, make you think & to simply enjoy or not, but no negative talk or judgement is needed here.
It is about what YOU & I can get from within our own mind & what can we do with it.
Many may ask what does any of these pictures have to do with baby & child?
You are right with asking & wondering.
Some whom are creative do not ask & wonder what more is this about... & why on earth would she write about this ~ they take what they can get from the creative images and use it if they can.
I like to be different and I am inspired by fashion.
Fashion fuels my creative soul and I like to share what I find.
If we all went to the same sources and blogged about the same things it would become a little old & boring.
I know I need to focus more, I am working on it. (I'll probably delete this post soon) ; )
For now, this is what moves me & what I happen to come across while I escape my crazy life of being a busy mom to 5 creative daughters.
I am taking a step back from painting(well a little, I'm still doing things for a few people) but I am taking a breather, trying to regroup, refresh & come back with something more to offer to those out there in the World that like my style ~ Joelle Dolce Bebe Style.
All the other wonderful people whom come to see what I am working on or what I have in my shops, You get to see how my mind works & get to know a little more about me & how people like me may come up with what we do.
It is all different.
We are all different.
Those whom are true to their selves and create from their heart are whom I'm sharing for.

I am not fond of those whom steal others blood, sweat & tears ~ & yes that all comes with all the hours & hours we put into our art. Our own work. Hours & hours away from our family to try to help our families. I am not very fond of those leeches. I see them daily run with every new design & not ONE has ever came up with thier own sweat & idea.
Please do not support them & praise them when you see them running with the new best idea or way to blog. .. that you know you seen it elsewhere first.
You know the ones.
The ones selling tons of things & they do good work,(some of them) but none of it was from thier own mind.
So of course they have plenty of rest to start fresh & paint/create up a storm because they were not the ones to stay up countless hours perfecting it all.
We were.
So please next time you notice, don't be quick to have sweet chit chat & praise them just to be nice.
Be nice to someone deserving. Be nice to them but not for something you know they copied.
Please . I am trying to say that as nice as I can. I hope you understand.

Please USE your own mind and lets all try to be Original.

Think from your own mind & heart & you'll love yourself for it. Dream.
With all that said & out of the way........
Enjoy & know I truly appreciate everyone whom comes to visit my blog.
It means the World to me.
Thank You XOXO
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XOXO

1 comment:

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
thanks for all your support. i needed a big sister to take a swing at that girl. love you for that!
this lady is one of a kind. love that. sort of like us. right??
any who have a fabulous weekend.

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