Thursday, January 28, 2010

Couture Dreams baby....

I Have been dreaming my friends. Big Dreams.Couture Dreams.

I have many things going on right now( many juicy things) :)
& my computer I use daily is gone.
ALL gone.
DEAD actually.
I hope with all that took place this week, It was not due to the stalker hacker jerk.
I am very very done with all that.
More done than anyone could know.
I hope the end is near soon.

My bags are packed yet no where to go.
I, at this point would be happy to go to Happy hour.... been about 5 yrs. since I seen anything like that.
Sad. because I am not that type to sit home.
Does it suck to be a stay at home mom? or are my priorities just better than some?
Whatever.... it doesn't matter now... I am just grateful to all you my friends all over the World whom come to check in on me.
Thank You to the World & All it has to offer.
Please leave me a comment & let me know you were here.
It means something and I met some fabulous people just by all of us leaving a comment.

I am grateful to ALL my International Friends.
All the friends I have met from my blog. ~Everywhere actually.
Thank You.
Joelle XOXO
Getty Images Italia Vogue


Anonymous said...

Hi Joelle!

I'm here...checking in on you, hoping all is well.

keep us all updated on what is going on and if you are creating again...I'd love to see what you are working on.

You have my email and I would love to chat when you have time!

Big hugs,

Baton Rouge, LA

Shell said...

Hey, Happy Hour can be a world of fun. A hard working mom as yourself needs to let loose every once in a while.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Gorgeous images. Happy Weekend!


Beautiful blog. I love that you take your inspirations from HAute Couture...Oh now wouldn't that be the best life!!! So Yummy.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thanks for stopping by you wonderful people. XOXO
I know "This" girls needs her happy hour or Something!!!....
Its been way too long & things need to change.
& Debra... Talk soon. These computer problems are making things difficult.
(keep getting logged out, blocked from my sites & computer shuts down when I do go to my sites. I's a struggle but i'll get there. I have to. Things need to stop) SO Soon : )

So Hopefully I will be starting fresh.
I need to & have to.
Love ALL your comments more than you know.
~ Joelle XOXO

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