Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I LOVE Random Acts of Kindness....

Seriously though... I LOVE random acts of kindness. DO you ever do that?
If you forget.... now is the time to remember.
HOLIDAYS are tough on many people.
MANY people are alone & depressed. Or huge family & no money. Heck no money period & no kids. However, many people get stressed more so around the Holiday times.

Think of all the kids/parents at the stores watching everyone fill up their carts with goodies & they do not even have enough to buy food. ~ maybe even you my reader, I am sorry ((((HUGS)))) I sooooo mean that.

It always breaks my heart.

PLEASE, If you can try.... go out of your way this Season starting right now.
Do whatever you can. Someone Always has less. (of course someone always has more too but you get it.) TRY.

SMILE is a start.

Just smile at people while you drive. IT makes a difference.
I smile at everyone. Always. Funny how it is so easy to do but many don't, & I mean MANY.
Makes you feel better too. for a minute at least . & yea, it is hard when your crying & you have bad days ~ but you get the point.
On my way to pick up my girls.... I see way tooo many snooty moms that have no business being snooty!!! No One has that right. Are you kidding me?!
SMILE you meanies!
I have never seen so many jerks ever. MY girls go to school with their children.
SET an example, stupid people. YOUR creating mini haters. (*post soon on new blog)but really, OUR children go to the same school, TRY to have some kind of class & MANNERS!!!!
I can't stand so many & could care less to know you BUT dam it, I SMILE If I LOOK in your direction. I HATE the ones whom rubber neck looking at me & then do not smile! IF your going to stare ~ S M I L E !!! at least or be less obvious. wow. really, life's too short to ruin it for your children.

anyways.... Smile, let people in traffic. ~ WOW!!!! You make my day. so I try to do that too! & IF I can do it & I'm always rushing.... darn it all!!! SO can you uptight people out there that NEVER do anything nice for anyone. ~ You know the ones.

(Please click on the pics. These 2 above have a really cute story. Spread the word. Please XOXO)
Also, leave spare change if you can at the counter. (drive-threw too)
Maybe pay for the person behind you. Random.
Or really make someones day (maybe the mom w/ lots of kids & looks poor& stressed & yea I know... she could be rich as hell but you get it.) buy her groceries. ~ WOW how cool would that be!??? I am smiling so much right now, that would be fantastic(I did that on a small scale once & told her why ~well fibbed & said "hey, I've been there too & someone once made my day) & smile. or whatever as to not make her feel worse.
but can you imagine how a struggling mom would feel if YOU bough her entire cart of groceries??? SO seriously, If you have money & can do these things ~ OH MY GOSH I would be so happy for you to Make someones day!!!!!! Oh how happy someone would be.
Makes me want to go do that now if I had extra money right now.
SO any of my wealthy readers..... do it for me! ~ for them. : ) XOXOXOXOXO
I say this in hopes there is someone out there that may have money to burn.
Not everyone is so lucky, So if you do..... PLEASE! ; ) Thank You. XOXO

Bake cookies for the busy mom down the street & say something sweet. YOU do not even need to know them, Just know SHE may be busy & be so grateful(I'M not meaning me either, I just thought of that one) ; )
Or bake them for next door neighbor or for an elderly couple you never talk to, they might not have anyone around or just do it anyways....

Buy some fall flowers for the older lady down the street. Pointsetta at Christmas.(my older lady next door bought me one, one year : ) ~ she lives alone too but thought of me.

Offer to pick up mail for neighbor or take mail to Post Office.
Put a huge smile on your waitress's face! Tip Her EXTRA well. Smile & tell her thank You for all your hard work. Make up for the cheap meanies. XOXO

So many go through life being snooty & miserable & they do not need to be. I have a lot going on & miserable as crap right now but I sure as heck find enough time to do these things daily! darn it! : (

Gosh it makes me so mad how people are selfish!!!!! PLEASE help us set an example.
We'll all feel better if everyone try's harder. Really it does make a difference.
I guess with BLOG world we can at least try a bit more there?

The Way I Was Made - Chris Tomlin

I want to live like there’s no tomorrow
I want to dance like no one’s around
I want to sing like nobody’s listening
Before I lay my body down
I want to give like I have plenty
I want to love like I’m not afraid
I want to be the man I was meant to be
I want to be the way I was made

I am so happy I came across this while looking up random acts of kindess pictures.
I cry'd so much but it was so worth it.
I'm going to try harder. I love to see people smile.

Joelle XOXO

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