Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stylish Maternity Clothes

These are all lovely maternity clothes by Gatie. I love them all. So classy, stylish and not at all screaming "maternity". I Loved being pregnant and loved looking pregnant. I did not want to hide it. However, I did not ever want to wear those "baby on board" tacky maternity clothes. Yuck!
Maternity clothes that made you feel romantic & sexy and still a woman but pregnant too, those are the styles I wore. That is what Im looking for now. To share to my readers. Those new mommies needing all the must haves!
Please share them with me & I'll post all the fabulous finds to make it a bit easier for some. I'll try to anyways.

I Love this style. I would buy this look when not pregnant.
Just because you become pregnant does not mean you have to change the way you look.

Do not settle. I know it is not easy finding fabulous maternity clothes everywhere.

Now however... You can go online and find what you are looking for.

I wonder if there is a maternity designer that designs for more Hip, Rock, Punk, trendy types.

Im curious. Let me know if you do know of anyone.

I have alot of artsy friends that would love a more Hip & fun style than what I would wear.

I love it too. I like variety. I love being original. Just love Real People too & all the diff. styles out there.

I might like more classy, sexy, sophisticated styles, but that does not mean I do not Love seeing my friends wearing their crazy fun one of a kind finds! I Love it.

who wants to look the same?

If you have a Favorite Maternity designer that you wore or one you absolutely love and only wished you could have worn, Please let me know. Leave a comment.

Also... do you know of any New Fresh, up & coming Maternity designer from Etsy or even local that fits in with Joelle Dolce Bebe Style blog... Please let me know. I would love to help spread the word too.
I know not everyone can afford or does not want to spend alot of money on clothing they will not wear long. So if you know of any places to buy styles like these without a high Price tag, Please let me know.
Oh, I just found this one too. Cute! This dress looks so light, fresh, airy & sexy too!~ Nicole Michelle Maternity


Dallas Shaw said...

Nov- through Dec and I doing a what to buy for who and I will be featuring lots of kids goodies! Hope you'll check it out! Starts Nov 1st!


Anonymous said...

A seriously dint new brand of maternity and breastfeeding
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sealess nursing bras said...

absolutely gorgeous, thank you for the share, I am impressed, keep up the good work.

prashant said...

Hope you'll check it out! Starts Nov 1st!

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carina said...


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