Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Bella Cottage Charm...

I am taking a quick break from painting some wonderful shabby chic inspired frames. I had someone ask me on Twitter "what do you mean by chippy frames". Well my friends, to me chippy frames are usually frames made with old salvaged wood, or possibly older frames repainted or like in my situation with the frames I was painting today.... They are more smooth & slightly distressed frames. Not Chippy paint peeling all over. Though I have done that, with salvaged wood, had some really chippy paint & had some not so chippy but "weathered". My frames have more layers of paint & distressed a bit. Like in the pictures.
If you do sell frames you MUST comply with the safety codes and do tests to make sure there is not any lead in the paint/wood. SAFETY First. I have been dealing with child products for so long that I have always made sure I followed current laws/codes due to the strict regulations. Long before any of this China & Testing controversy started.

Also, The picture above of the sweet pale green box is more along the lines of my "shabby chic" distressed/chippy type frames.My frames I painted today are not chippy. They are new frames made to look slightly older. Layers of paint. My custom colors I Love to create. Blush, ice sage, snow & little blue. I have some more colors I was going to do but I will finish these of course with my little bouquets of charm in the corners. I have some of my birdies w/ crowns or Party hats that might get tucked in the bouquets. I really hope NOT to see anyone taking my ideas and doing this too. I stay up way too late to try to do what no one else is doing. I am not flattered. I work hard. I have 5 girls to raise. Anyone stealing from me is stealing from my children. That is not good. Sorry but I have had to deal with this & I work too hard to offer something original.To see someone else going to town selling like crazy all over with MY ideas & those in our networks. They run with every NEW creative idea. I know, it has been going on forever, does not mean I like it & will not speak up. USE your MIND. Be Original. It is a good thing.
Gosh, I could not find the file with my frames in it with better lighting so, here's a little Bouquet if you have never seen how I embellish my pieces. Everything, well a lot I design I adorn with little bouquets of flowers, pearls, vintage rhinestones, semi precious gems, vintage jewelry, crystals & or whatever else I find that looks perfect in the bouquets.

Anyways, these frames are such sweet little pieces to add some color & charm to your rooms. Also lovely with black & white photo's, favorite pictures or sweet poems, written words or even a mirror inside from your local craft shops. ON a wall, dresser, end table, shelves, bathrooms, ohhh ideas are endless. hung by big ribbon on corner of bed! There's an idea. I see it. Ohhh more & more ideas come the later it gets. Too funny. I'M tired but I'm ready to go!
This pink frame The Bella Cottage has on this table below is the same color as my pink "blush" frame I just painted.Also it has about the same "distressed" look as well.

If you still wonder what "chippy" is... the door behind is a bit chippy. Not pealing chippy but a bit more. Actually this door reminds me of a time I had on tall boots with heels, long leather jacket & I was behind my little boutique in the DUMPSTER getting the fabulous chippy door someone through out. I didn't care what anyone thought. I was getting that door! I got it! I used it as a display in my shop. Thanks to my Fabulous friend Shane Ross of Maggie's baby & child furniture & gifts in Austin Texas. My Muse, My long lost missed friend. My other soul mate :( Where are you Shane?

Ok... I need to finish up some things. Its late but I am so inspired. Thank You "The Bella Cottage" fabulous friends. You have inspired me once again. Bonne Nuit, Joelle XOXO

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icandy... said...

Joelle, beautiful post! Just checking in...hope things are going well with you and have a beautiful Sunday!!

Christina :)

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Awwww Christina,
Your a doll! Thank You so much for popping in! It means alot. I always wonder if anyone still reads. Nice to know your checking in. IM slowly getting back into it.
Well actually never really "got there" yet... so much to do & post!!! So Fun!
Big (((HUGS)))
Joelle XOXO

Anonymous said...

HI Joelle!

We are back from our amazing vacation to California--LOVE it there sooo much!

ooh it sounds like you are super busy creating some keepsakes--looking forward to seeing them!

I'll email you--busy week here...Morgan turns 7 on Wednesday and we start school on Friday....lots of mommy things to do. But I can't wait to take a minute to chat with you--soon, I promise!

Have a great week,

Baton Rouge, LA

Lori said...

hi Joelle:) thanks for stopping over to visit me!!! sorry it took me so long to get back to you...i guess you already did your post...and a lovely one it is too...i LOVE chippy paint!!!

Rose said...

Im working on some paint distressed/decopauge frames at the moment as im very slowly redecorating my bedroom.
That white dresser in the first photo is so pretty!


Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

HI everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I Love the chippy paint too. I like a combination of things. Not TOO perfect & new & not TOO too old & weathered. A nice blend. Not too much overkill of one thing.

Have fun dreaming & decorating away! XOXO

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