Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet Dreams~ Buona Notte ~ Bonne Nuit

...............................I am Dreaming of The Bella Cottage

Hello My Sweet friends. I am so sorry I haven't been blogging. I know I said I was going to be back to blogging and update often however... Life got in the way. You know, the mom thing. My busy girls, their friends, boyfriends, dogs, neighbors & all the rest that comes with it.
I had more computer problems & IT is still there, hopefully not for long. More stress & drama that I thought it was a good idea to step away from blogging as to not bother you all with my problems. I really want to have you come here & be Inspired and not stressed. So I took a break Again. Life goes on.....
Indeed it does... I have yet More incredible designs and inspiration for you. My new Friends at The Bella Cottage! Yes it is as charming as the name sounds. I came across their ad in Romantic Homes magazine long ago. I would always go online & look up their site and be so inspired.A boutique filled with everything that I love. All things French, Shabby chic, classy & girly. A boutique built just for me. Well for those like me whom adore pretty things. Classic pieces built to last. Heirloom quality. Gorgeous pieces to grow with from a nursery all the way through the years. Really, The Bella Cottage clients is exactly whom I am looking for. The ones whom appreciate this style and want only the best for their children. I want to design treasures to compliment The Bella Cottage style.
I found the prefect inspiration and the attitude and reputation that totally agrees with my heart! I am in Love with this site. Please go visit if you are in North Hills, California or if your not and can afford to fly out, Please do so & tell them Joelle sent you. I would be thrilled! If you can not go in person, Please check out their site. I know you will find so much to make your heart smile. Go ahead You deserve it!
I Love this boutique and everyone there is so wonderful. With our minds together and all the same styles, ideas, passion, energy, tips etc.... I am sure we can help you create magic, well at least beautiful surroundings for you & the ones you Love.

This is just a little bit of what they have to offer. I just wanted to drop in quick to let you know I will be back with some more wonderful Inspiration. I hope you are all wonderful & able to enjoy your summer for those of you here in the states. Cherish it all, soon Winter will be here.For all you International friends I hope you have a happy day every day! Hugs & Kisses, Joelle xoxo

The Bella Cottage
16700 Schoenborn St.,
North Hills, CA. 91343


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

They DO have gorgeous, dreamy stuff *sigh*--and it's so "you" too. Thanks for reminding us. Have a great weekend! ; )

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Michele you dear sweet thing! THANK YOU! Thank you so much for stopping by & for Thinking it is "so me" ((((HUGS))) You sure did make my day! Enjoy your weekend & the rest of summer!
Joelle XOXO

Shell said...

As soon as I saw your post, I went over to sign up for their blog. I do hope you get do designs for them. Your style fits perfectly with Bella Cottage. Glad to see you blogging again.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Ohhh Shell You always make me feel special! I owe you some blog love I am so sorry I am so behind :(

I wish I didn't have to sleep so I could get everything done. haha
I hope your doing great & enjoying the summer.Winter will soon be here so enjoy the moment!
big huge (((HUGS))) to you!
Thank You so much also for signing up @ The Bella Cottage. You'll be so inspired!
Joelle XOXO

Glama Ray said...

I'll take one of each please! Oh, just so lovely and so glad I found you on Twitter and discovered your blog. Beautiful. Happy Day!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Hello Glama RaY!
You look so familiar! ; ) haha ~ seriously though. name too.
you have to forgive me too, this sleep deprived mama really hates that I am a total jerk at rememebering names these last few years. They sucked the life out of me! JK! anyways... im so happy you found me!
Thank You so much!! Great way for me to start my day off! Thanks!!!
Im Happy to have Twitter too, helps me catch up a bit w/ fellow creative friends. I am still trying to figure out a way to make all my sites work & FOCUS!
Joelle XOXO

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