Friday, July 10, 2009

The French Cherub...

This is another little sweet cherub hook I designed. Simply Sweet, elegant & definitely Joelle Dolce Bebe Style.
I need to get a better picture & close up but ran out of time & light. Also quickly added the crystal chain & need to finish that. Not sure if I like the crystal chain or should it be silk ribbon? Just another busy day at the DeNardo's.
I hope you all have a Wonderful weekend.
kisses ~
Joelle XOXO


passion4pinkblog said...

You know what? it looks sweet the way it is but why don't you wrap a silk or organza ribbon around the crystal beads and see what this looks like?Vicki

Anonymous said...

ooh I just LOVE cherubs. My girls have the cherub toile in their bathroom and THIS would look perfect.

I'm going to email you.............

Have a great weekend,

Baton Rouge

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thanks Girls!!! ; )
Have a Great Weekend!

Debra... Please let me know if you emailed me yet. I am once again having problems w/ computer & emails.

: ( sooo frustrating!!!

also... THANK YOU Debra for being Wonderful! XOXO (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

HI Joelle,

You are so sweet! Yes I did email you .....I am so sorry you did not receive it? Those email issues are such a pain in the tushie!

I am heading out on our family vacation today...going to Cali, so I will contact you when we return. My daughter is going to celebrate her 7th b'day (sniff, sniff, me weeping)at American Girl this weekend and we have quite the adventure planned along the I will be offline for the next week or so.

Have a great weekend, we'll chat soon!

Baton Rouge

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank you Debra!!!
Have a wonderful trip & enjoy every moment w/ the Birthday Girl!!!
Take your wonderful photos & Get CREATIVE!!!! USE the new surroundings to show your talent!!!! ~ & inspire us all! ; )

I'll look out for the email.


You confirmed what I already knew.
Im dealing with a real sneaky jerk!!! & hopefully soon he will be caught! they evetually slip up!
pretty sad & pathetic.
I do not care about me & what thrills he may have invading my privacy (go for it loser!)That is as close as you will ever get to anything good!...but to think MY girls pictures are in someone elses dirty sick hands... I will kill for my girls & I will do whatever it takes to ruin THOSE involved. TRUST ME!
Messing with the wrong MOM! SERIOUSLY!

sorry about that my sweet friends. seriously. Hate to have this negative crap on my blog, but this is life right now. OURS. & it is invaded and im not going to be quite. Some people are so niave... They need to be careful! mostly those online with chilren.

Be safe & smart if you go online please... sick creeps are everywhere & alot of times right next door. you just never know.
sorry, but sometimes people need a wake up call so to be better prepared.
(((HUGS))) & kisses to all you wonderful people.

Life is good.... if you make it that way. Im trying. XOXO

Kathy said...

So this piece!

The Bella Cottage said...

This is gorgeous! Do you have any designs you'd like to share with us? We'd love to do a post about you!

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