Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines Bunny & Polka Dots....

These bunnies are so Vogue! ok maybe not Vogue but I like the word and this isn't your typical nursery decor.It is not typical at all... It is Fresh, bold, playful yet sweet., I love it. I found these iron bunny hooks and bought everyone I could find. This one is trimmed with decorative wooden molding on top & bottom and is a cute way to hang pretty little things like pearls, necklaces, key chains, ribbons etc... or nothing at all becuase it is so darn cute. So original. My oldest daughter actually likes this one & she is sooo picky & so over my pretty little Bebe things. So I was flattered. She took it in her room recently to "view" it. : ) Her room is Paris, Vogue black with Pink. but again no Theme, Just her. She is 17. She likes it. I could also see this in a nursery. For those whom want to have a style no one else has. You do not have to settle. Your precious ones can have a room no one else has. So many of us here to help you. Dream what YOU want and ask. Most people in Blog land that create actually Love a challenge. If you like their style.... ask them if they would be willing to make a "custom" piece for you. Most often they would be flattered. If they do not have the time... nice people would direct you to whom might be able to help. Always Support your LOCAL artist or any artsit before MASS PRODUCED. It does make a difference.
Thank you so much for reading... I will be posting more pics. soon. I added this to my Lollishops. I have so much more to do before I devote more time to that site. but I got the space so Now is the time to create, finish and FIGURE out what people are dreaming of, all the styles you have already and How can I make some treasures for you all or someone you may know needing a Baby Shower Gift or something totally unique.
Sweet Dreams ~
Joelle XO

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