Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Bo-Peep Love....

Sweet little Bo-Peep. How cute is she. I really love my french style and sweet cherubs and more of an elegant feel. Yet something about this image and other little vintage images I have collected from along time ago.... (for a boutique out west) I'm have been stepping outside my comfort zone and enjoying playing around with COLOR. Sweet Pink colors & ric-rac trims. I guess sometimes you have to do other things to refresh and also to let others see what else you can do. I'm having fun, but I'm still looking for more CHERUBS! Anyone know of a good source PLEASE let me know. Mine is all gone. Here is another little fellow I'm working on too ~ for Easter. Now how do I make it a little French? hmmmm I'll try. Enjoy your day!


Nelly said...

Hi Joelle. I love vintage images like these. One source I found that I love is riptheskull rom flickr. Don't let the name stop you; lol. He has a huge collection of beautiful postcards and images, and I would be surprised if he didn't have cherubs. Have fun viewing the eye candy.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Hi Nelly, Thank you so very Much for the info! IM off to look! ; )
Im looking for Iron cherubs though : ( Im having a tough time finding them. My source is all gone : ( maybe I'll find some sweet images though???
these vintage images are fun though, aren't they?!
Thank you sweets!
Joelle XOXO

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