Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im Sorry....

Im very sad.

My heart is broken....My sweet girls are helping me mend the pieces...Just by being around me.

Life can be complicated and even more so when you add an online Life to it all. However, all the hacking and drama and our own daily stresses, I am very greatful for my 5 girls and Very happy to know I have supportive & caring online bloggers, fellow artists & loyal customers that believe in me.
Please do know that I will get to each & everyone of you as soon as I can. Several accounts had to be deleted due to compuer issues and they were keeping me from moving forward. I am unable to login to my Flickr & blog account so I had to create a new one to try to reach some of you. I might not be able to view any emails that might have been on the deleted accounts so I am hoping anyone who was trying to get in touch with me can do so through here If you were able to find this blog. I hope Flickr and the old blog will fix this soon.
However.... I am starting New,Fresh & positive with alot of new designs comming forth.Im not letting any losers or hackers get in my way. I see this as just another way of making me stronger for bigger & better things to come. Im Love new adventures & looking forward to being happy again! ~ C'est la vie .....


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

So sorry, Joelle...hang in there! It is so hard to understand why things go the way they do sometimes. It's good to read you are thinking positive...spring is around the corner...it's a fresh new year...and no doubt things will be looking up for you. Do take care. You are wished the very best!
(a fellow Lolli!)

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Well YOU just made my day sweet pie! Thank you so very much! (((HUGS)))
Joelle XO

candies64 said...

Have missed you Joelle! All that chatter was so fun in the Lolli Forums! ((((hugs))) Hopefullly Spring will be here soon and we'll all feel a bit better!

candy xoxo

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